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Director’s Letter

Dear Parents, Students, and Alumni,

Thank you for considering Global Works! As Executive Director of Global Works and a parent, I appreciate that travel is a major investment for families. In our ever-evolving, interdependent world, international education and experience is becoming more essential. We want students to enjoy the summer, while also gaining the skills necessary to succeed in their future educational pursuits and develop a greater sense of ‘self’ as global citizens. For over 25 years, Global Works has continued to offer exceptional Summer Service Adventures that challenge and inspire high school students, through travel and community service.

In the words of travel essayist and novelist Pico Iyer: “We travel, initially, to lose ourselves; and we travel, next to find ourselves.” We believe Global Works excels at providing students with a well-supervised and seamlessly planned environment to explore new cultures and to get out of their comfort zones. Our students discover how other communities live, interrelate, and achieve happiness—often without the luxuries we take for granted. 

Meaningful community service has always provided the ‘bridge’ or ‘purpose’ for us to engage with these communities. Whether it is facing their fears (“I surfed a wave!”), completing a con-struction project (“I can’t believe we built a straight wall!”) or simply communicating in another language (“I spent the whole night talking and playing games with my host family!”), students gain an enormous sense of achievement that comes from these impactful and interactive adventures. 

In the words of a Global Works parent, “This was truly one of those life transforming events! He has not stopped talking about the friends he made, the amazing community service projects, the interactions with the local people, the rock star trip leaders, the fun, the adventure and the joy of living in a dif-ferent culture! He was also really impressed by how much his Spanish improved. As parents, we see a much more indepen-dent, mature individual than we did three weeks ago.” For us, there is no greater compliment than the praise and gratitude from our students and their parents. Perhaps one of my favorite quotes from another parent: “I asked my son if there was ever a time when he missed his phone, the TV, X-box, etc. and he said ‘never’. What better testimonial is there than that?!” And another great comment from one of our students: “It is life changing. This program gives you the opportunity to make life-long friendships and to experience things you wouldn’t otherwise be able to.” 

We hope you’ll join us, along with the many thousands of students and parents who have recognized the value and significance of a Global Works travel experience. We appreciate the investment you’re making and promise an unwavering and unmatched commitment to high-quality, safety-conscious, moving travel programs.

Yours in the journey,

Erik Werner

Executive Director, Global Works


Back row: Fritz and Polly Moriarty, Erik and Emily Werner

Front row: Ellie (5), Hanna (2), Luke (9), Ava (7), Julia (4)

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Service travel inspires me to be a better person, and to extend giving even after the trip is over. It is a rare treat to see people living as they did hundreds of years ago as a solid community.

Julie James, Teacher, Webb Schools

This experience is indescribable, I had the time of my life, I learned so much and met new great people!

Winona W., Costa Rica Participant