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Programming that Sets Global Works Apart!

Our Staff

Quite simply we believe our staff to be the best in the industry. We expect a lot out of them, and we look after them. Our average return rate over the past three years is 70%. That means there are ALWAYS veteran Global Works leaders on each and every trip. The few spaces we do hire for are the result of an exhaustive nationwide search and interview process. Last year we hired just 18 new staff from a pool of over 200 qualified applicants. We hire experienced, knowledgeable staff, who are mostly teachers, ages 23 and older; we do not hire college students.  We take great care in hiring people we feel will make outstanding instructors, role models and friends. Our staff is extensively trained at our staff training in May and all are certified in First Aid and CPR.

Staff on Pre-Arranged Group flights

Global Works arranges group flights and our staff leader(s) travel WITH students on international flights from the group departure airport.

We're Always There

Our home office staff is available 24-hours a day during the duration of our programs.  You will always have the ability, day or night, to reach your son/daughter through our hotline!

The Blend

Global Works programs are the perfect blend for students seeking engaging programs that combine: community service, small-group travel, exciting adventure activities, cultural exchange, and language learning options.

See And Experience More

Global Works itineraries take students to three to five different communities within each country, providing students with a cross-section of the culture and landscape.

Documented Service Hours

10-15 hours per week of meaningful community service work is completed and documented. Global Works was built around the philosophy of community service; this is, and has always been, one of our core values.  A Certificate of Participation is sent to each student at the end of each trip.


Safety is the most important aspect to any Global Works trip. Planning, prevention, and vigilance are key.  Our Home Office staff and leaders continue to attend risk management conferences, medical trainings, and our risk management systems and training programs are seen as a model for the industry. (See: Culture of Safety)

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Working hard in the hot Costa Rican sun, day after day, we see our projects produce results quickly.  Split into 3 or 4 teams, we´ve cleared fields, moved earth, built gardens, and most visibly, constructed a sturdy concrete structure from nothing but an overgrown patch of dirt.  The fulfillment gotten out of such simple tasks and hard work is something rarely found back at home, and in its simplicity, is a great deal of satisfaction, pride, and joy.  It can be anything from building a structure up from the ground to solely budging a large rock, yet the way we learn to value teamwork and the power of the group as opposed to the individual is something to be greatly cherished.

Costa Rica Participant

I learned that the people are focused on family rather than technology. I learned I could live in a house filled with bugs and no internet, and still have an awesome time.

Jeffrey Kreisler, Costa Rica Participant