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  • I'm not surprised to say that our students are home from Spain, exhausted but exhilarated by their wonderful trip.  Students are raving about their homestay experience, the food, the weather, and the organization of the program.  I've heard students say they miss their host families already, stories of students learning to bike ride, and many students excited to have practiced their Spanish and tried new foods.  Thank you so much for facilitating their experience abroad! As you know, your company has provided many rewarding trips and experiences for Millennium students and we continue to be grateful.  

    Melissa Cybulski, Teacher and Trip Chaperone, Millennium High School, New York City
  • I can't thank you enough for the amazing experience Brooklyn Latin had…. I was blown away by the perfect planning of activities…We felt very lucky.  The students truly had a life-changing experience….The experience of the entire group was similar to the experiences I've had traveling that have led me to become an educator and a language and travel lover.  Our parents have also sent many thank you letters for such a smooth and inspiring trip….We look forward to starting to plan our trip for next year with Global Works….Thank you so much again for everything.

    - Marian Pomann, Teacher and Trip Chaperone
  • My daughter had one of the most wonderful experiences of her life. The students on the trip, the adults who chaperoned, and importantly the people of Nicaragua enhanced her understanding of intergroup relations and the inter-dependence of our world.

    Cathy Bezozo parent of Johanna Boyes, Nicaragua
  • I learned that I want to travel. I found a whole new passion.

    Global Works Participant
  • My Global Works trip was something unique, opened my eyes, and made an important impact on my life.

    Global Works Participant
  • I was very pleased with the staff, the planning of the trip, the trip day coordination, and with our entire experience with Global Works. The trip leaders were outstanding.

    Linda Ben-Ezra, Parent of a Costa Rica Participant
  • The trip was very well organized and I felt like my group was in good hands.

    Chaperone, Millennium High School, Costa Rica CGT Trip
  • The Global Works Trip felt like a journey; instead of following a schedule, we had the power to create our own experience.

    Moorestown Friends School, Spain CGT Trip
  • We have now sent both our son and daughter on Global Works programs over the past two years and cannot express enough how thoroughly impressed we have been with the organization. From personal attention throghout the research process to ensure that the programs that we selected were the right fit, a hassle free enrollment process with none af the "surprise costs" that we have experience with other organizations, to an outstanding experience led by genuine, caring and extremely capable staff. Our experience with Global Works was positive in every way.

    Parent of two Global Works Travellers
  • I learned a lot about their food, interests and skills. I learned that I am hard-working, and need to be more open minded. 

    Kevin Chen
  • I learned that I should never overestimate or underestimate myself but if I really try I can achieve great things.

    Summer Service Adventures Participant
  • I loved my experience with GW because they were very responsive, responsible and fun!

    Summer Service Adventures, Panama Participant
  • Working with Global Works has allowed our school to truly live its global mission. Our students return from these extraordinary experiences with confidence, compassion and a new respect for the world they live in and the different cultures and people they learn about, and from, along the way. 

    Gordon McNeil, Head of Sage Hill School
  • My favorite part of the trip was probably the homestay because I felt the most accomplished during and after in terms of my Spanish skills, physical achievements and new bonds.

    Costa Rica Participant
  • I met phenomenal people I wouldn’t have known otherwise and spent time in the world’s most beautiful country.

    Kamla Kumar, Costa Rica Participant
  • Sign up immediately! Don’t hesitate if you have fear of the unknown, you are walking into a life changing experience.

    Jenna, Costa Rica Participant
  • My favorite part was the work project because it felt amazing to help other people out.

    Alexa Feiner, Costa Rica Participant
  • I learned how much happiness there can be in someone’s life who isn’t exposed to the latest technology and the “high class” lifestyle that people strive to be part of.

    Jenna, Costa Rica Participant
  • This trip was absolutely unpredictable and life changing. My eyes have truly been widened.

    Karlie, Costa Rica Participant
  • The homestay was absolutely fantastic! I loved gaining a new family and becoming part of the community. I wish we could have stayed longer. 

    Karlie, Costa Rica Participant
  • I learned that culture consists of beautiful people, art, tradition and nature. I’ve discovered that I can appreciate the smaller things in life and want to feel more part of the community.

    Marco Spodek, Costa Rica Participant
  • Mind-blowing experience that opened my eyes to a whole new world!

    Riley Brewer, Costa Rica Participant
  • Surfing was my favorite part. I’ve always wanted to try it, and it was fun!

    Emily Weiner, Costa Rica Participant
  • I learned that the people are focused on family rather than technology. I learned I could live in a house filled with bugs and no internet, and still have an awesome time.

    Jeffrey Kreisler, Costa Rica Participant
  • I had the BEST time. The people and culture was amazing and I couldn’t imagine anything better!

    Claire, Costa Rica Participant
  • My favorite part was the homestay because I felt as if I were part of a family and the community was fantastic.

    Hallie Goldman, Costa Rica Participant
  • It was a very influential experience. It made me become stronger, more determined and more adaptive.

    Calvin Yin, Nicaragua Participant
  • It was amazing fun, a great learning experience of independence and culture.

    Jenna Lin, Nicaragua Participant
  • Never have I gone on a trip so amazing, ate such great food, discovered more about myself and other people.

    Susan Lin, Nicaragua Participant
  • I would tell future participants to immerse yourself fully in culture. View the work through open eyes. Don’t be afraid to get dirty!

    Janli Gwo, Nicaragua Participant
  • It is a great experience and it allows you to look at who you are and who you want to be.

    Kevin Chen, Nicaragua Participant
  • My favorite part was when I got to see the completed projects and the smiles in the community members’ faces, because I felt like I was part of a big change in those people’s lives. 

    Jae Lee, Nicaragua Participant
  • I learned a lot about the history. I definitely learned a lot about myself. I have never been in a situation meeting new people like this.

    Wynn Mason, Costa Rica Participant
  • I  am so happy I went on this trip. I met such interesting people that I know I will never forget and learned more than I could have ever imagined.

    Sam Goodman, Costa Rica Participant
  • I would describe my Global Works experience as: life changing, eye opening, impossible to forget and just AMAZING! .

    Alex J., Costa Rica Participant
  • My favorite part was the four days at Tamarindo Surf Camp. Not only was I getting a great tan, but I learned about turtles, Costa Rican culture and most importantly, how to surf!.

    Alex J., Costa Rica Participant
  • I couldn’t have asked for better leaders for the adventure of a lifetime. They were by our sides through the good and the bad times. Before the trip, I was nervous to leave into the unknown and a foreign country. I was nervous about the kids I would be spending a month with. All three leaders made the transition very easy. From each counselor, I took in vast amounts of knowledge which will last me a lifetime. These three leaders made my trip as good as it was, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better or anything more.

    Global Works Participant
  • I learned a lot of Spanish on the trip through practicing it in the homestay and with the new people I’ve met.

    Costa Rica Participant
  • The culture of Costa Rica is rich with friends and family and appreciating the little things in life. There is a lesson to be learned around every corner, under every overturned rock in the paths of our lives. 

    Anonymous, Costa Rica Participant
  • The best life changing experience of my life that opened my eyes to another part of the world.

    Brandon Luchinsky, Costa Rica Participant
  • My favorite part of the trip was the homestay. It was so amazing and such a great experience. I had memories I will never forget. 

    Katie Marino, Costa Rica Participant
  • This experience is indescribable, I had the time of my life, I learned so much and met new great people!

    Winona W., Costa Rica Participant
  • Global Works changes your perspective on life and changes you for the better. 

    Mara Welty, Costa Rica Participant
  • Global Works was a wonderful way to challenge myself with Spanish and also seeing how far I can push myself.

    Emma Welty, Costa Rica Participant
  • Fun, peculiar, memorable, adventurous, challenging, happy, thrilling, prideful, funny, emotional, loving, interesting, joyful, ridiculous, changing, smile, dope, educational, rare, and yay!

    Ashley Lankford, Costa Rica Participant
  • My favorite part of this trip (although it is hard to pick I loved it all) was the homestay. I simply loved every bit of it. My family and the whole experience really affected me. I learned a lot about myself and hopefully built character. Cedral is full of loving people, I’m so grateful to have them all. 

    Ashley Lankford, Costa Rica Participant
  • I couldn’t have thought of a better way to spend my summer. I walked away with new language skills, wonderful friends and cool dance moves!

    Janine Klein, Costa Rica Participant
  • The rafting trip was absolutely amazing! It was so beautiful and fun, and the tour guides were really awesome.

    Summer Service Adventures Participant
  • Global Works has really opened my eyes to a different culture other than my own. I’m very thankful for what I have now and no longer take things for granted.

    Meredith Moller, Costa Rica Participant
  • Bolas (homestay community) was my favorite experience because it provided a time to interact with Costa Ricans. It also was an amazing experience, and the people were beyond generous. I also fell in love with the community and people.

    Costa Rica Participant

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