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Connect To A Deeper Side of China Through a Group Travel Experience you will never forget!

Go “beyond the wall ” on this journey through China’s lesser-known regions.

Our student travel programs in China escape the tourist track in order to delve deeper into Chinese society and learn about the many cultures that contribute to China as we know it today. Student group travel to China involves immersion in Mandarin, visits to Buddhist monasteries, experiencing the Tibetan-influenced Naxi culture, and volunteering at a Giant Panda reserve—this trip has it all!

Sample Itinerary

Service Projects

  • Paint a mural with students at rural schools
  • Play with and care for children at a local foster home
  • Teach English and support a teacher in an elementary school classroom

Educational Elements

  • Learn greetings and conversational skills in a Mandarin lesson and participatory daily activities
  • Service learning via community projects
  • Leadership, independence, decision making and maturity through overcoming challenges
  • Chinese culture and history dating from the Qin dynasty

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Testimonials | SEE ALL

Working with Global Works has allowed our school to truly live its global mission. Our students return from these extraordinary experiences with confidence, compassion and a new respect for the world they live in and the different cultures and people they learn about, and from, along the way. 

Gordon McNeil, Head of Sage Hill School

I learned that I can be away from home without feeling homesick. I feel that is a good thing because when I am applying to colleges, I have more of a range of schools instead of applying only near my house.

Anonymous, China CGT Participant

The best section was the Great Wall, not only because it was amazing, but also just being able to climb it and walk it was unbelieveable. Getting to the wall by climbing all those flights of stairs was a good experience that added to why the Great Wall was fantastic.

Millennium School Participant, China