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Community Service

In partnership with community members and organizations, we provide a grassroots experience that makes an impact on both our students and our partner communities in the following specialized areas: Education, Environment, Wildlife Care & Conservation, Community Development, and Public Health.

Community Service

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Global Works is a service organization first and a travel company second. In all of our locations, we partner with communities and organizations to select and implement meaningful service projects. Our philosophy is to work WITH a village, not for a village. In partnership with community members, we provide a grassroots experience that makes an impact on both our students and our partner organizations in the following specialized areas:

Community Development

Global Works establishes relationships with local youth groups, community organizations, and community based committees which strive to foster youth leadership and increased community involvement and participation. Projects may be more construction based in their implementation; but, upon their completion will serve to enhance community cohesion and identity as well as provide locations for local youth to recreate. 


Education is a broad category and can be extended to classroom support and instruction as well as infrastructural projects that serve to benefit students and enhance academic institutions. 

  • Previous projects have included: working with local teachers to teach English to local youth, building an additional classroom, a computer laboratory, or a library, as well as planning and executing a day of educational activities with local community children.
  • Examples of programs that feature education projects are: Panama Language Immersion and Peru & Ecuador Language Immersion


Partnerships with national parks, grassroots community organizations, local schools, and conservation agencies provide avenues for Global Works participants to protect and conserve the natural environment. 

  • Previous projects have included: removal of invasive plant species, responsible trail construction and maintenance, beach revitalization, recycling programs, reforestation projects, watershed protection, and the enhancement of infrastructural installments within national parks and wildlife preserves. Additional projects may include: the construction of greenhouses and school gardens that serve to supplement local diets with fresh fruits and vegetables, while decreasing the amount of land needed and resources consumed to do so. 
  • Examples of programs that feature environmental projects are: New Zealand & Fiji Cultural Exchange and  Australia & New Zealand Cultural Exchange

Public Health

Partner with communities, governmental agencies, and non-governmental organizations on projects and initiatives that target the improvement of health at the local level. 

Wildlife Care & Conservation

Students work with national parks and local wildlife conservation groups to protect vital habitat and threat-ened wildlife populations in diverse regions around the globe. 

  • Previous projects have included: assisting in wildlife rehabilitation and reintroduction centers, providing hands-on animal care, conducting wildlife research, and participating in the revitalization of vulnerable wildlife habitat.
  • Examples of programs that feature wildlife care & conservation projects are: China Language Immersion and Costa Rica Surfing.


Global Works groups process service learning through reflection meetings.  Trained staff leads spirited discussions about projects, accomplishments, challenges, cultural differences, impact on the community, sustainability, etc.  You may also use at least one of these meetings to discuss how the work project was set up, Global Works’ philosophy on service projects, what the long term effects of the project will be, why sustainability is important, etc.


The total number of service hours on a Global Works program may vary from 20-80 hours, depending on the length of your program, your program location, and variables beyond our control, such as weather. Generally, students earn 10-15 hours per week.  After your program ends you will receive a “Community Service Certificate.” This document notes the number of hours you completed and a detailed description of the tasks and projects accomplished. We are also happy to complete any further documentation needed to earn community service hours for a school or civic organization.


We encourage continued interest in service work, humanitarian efforts, and environmental preservation throughout the lifetimes of a Global Works participant.  Through debriefings and discussion, we map out the way participants can continue this type of work in their future.  The trip journal serves as a reminder to the group of the value of their efforts and contributions to the service work they completed!

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All parts of the trip were my favorite. From touring to the homestay, Spain is one of my favorite places. The people, the place, food everything was lovely.

Sonya Chistov, Spain Participant

I learned about and fell in love with the Nicaraguan culture. I love the hardworking and dedicated spirit of everyone we met. All of the locals were so friendly and patient with us and I loved that we got to share so much.

Nicaragua Participant