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Peru/Ecuador 4-Week

Language Immersion & Service Adventure

Language Immersion and Service Adventure

Sessions July 01, 2014 to July 27, 2014
Grades 9-12
Average Group Size: 18 students/ 3 staff

Travel to Peru and experience an ancient Inca paradise tucked deep into majestic Andean mountains and fueled by a growing modern culture.  Then, be astounded by the biologically diverse wonderland of the Galápagos Islands in Ecuador!

Whether your interest is archeology, history, language learning, or adventure, Ecuador and Peru cultural exchange trips are designed for you. Your Global Works experience will take you beyond the tourist track and into the communities of the Sacred Valley. It is here that impactful service, fascinating indigenous market places, and exciting  adventure activities will populate your journey.


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Service Projects

  • Earn 30-45 community service hours
  • Community Development: Assist
    organization to improve access to education
    for young women from low-income families
    in remote communities
  • Education: Build classrooms or playgrounds
    and teach art, English lessons, or sports in
    local primary schools

Language Immersion

  • Practice your Spanish with Peruvian students
  • Experience a homestay in a small Peruvian village
  • Engage in numerous leader-led language exercises and activities

Adventure and Cultural Activities

  • White-water raft the Rio Urubamba
  • Visit the majestic lost Inca city of Machu Picchu
  • Barter for artisan goods in indigenous markets in Pisac and Cusco, Peru
  • Spend an overnight ina remote indigenous Quechua village and experience traditional life
  • Bike down Cotopaxi in Ecuador
  • Boat and snorkel throughout the Galapagos Archipelago

Testimonials | SEE ALL

I loved climbing a mountain above Urubamba with my host brother to get the best view of town.  Fresh empanadas and cold sodas afterwards topped off the best day.

Max, Peru/ Ecuador Participant

Educational, adventurous, eye opening, challenging, AMAZING!

Summer Service Adventures, Ali Olson

The trip is…educational, eye-opening, fun, and enlightening.  You learn about Spanish, yourself, and other people.  The trip really is life changing. 

Ali, Peru / Ecuador Participant