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EARTH DAY: Environmental Service Projects a Focus on Many Global Works Summer Programs

Happy Earth Day everyone! Global Works has had a strong commitment to environmental conservation, sustainable travel, and local green initiatives since its inception in 1990. On nearly all of our summer service adventures for high school students, there are projects that focus on these issues. Here are some images from environmental service projects from summer 2008! [click on image for larger version]

Global Works has also been committed to Carbon Offsetting since 2007 – in partnership with Canopy Co in Ecuador, we have been offsetting our staff summer flights and plan on expanding our commitment to these issues in the future!

Meanwhile, Global Works partners with lots of environmentally-focused organizations on the local level. Here is a small sample of the many groups we work with: the Children’s Eternal Rain Forest in Monteverde, Costa Rica, where participants built new hiking trails and improved old ones, while learning about the importance of sustainability on the reserve; Tropic Ventures Sustainable Forestry Project in Puerto Rico, where participants built bridges as part of an educational hiking trail for local students; and Frasier Island World Heritage Site in Australia, where participants found and weeded non-native plant species while learning about the hazards these species pose to the native environment.

We can all make a difference by volunteering, recycling and conserving energy, and educating our friends and family about the importance of Earth Day and environmental issues!