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Family and Student Feedback, Summer 2013: Costa Rica 3-Week Cultural Exchange Trip

What is the impact of a Global Works trip? Read on to find out more!

 “My Global Works experience was extremely eye opening and it really changed my perspective on the world.” – Megan S.
 “This trip has been without a doubt the most exciting, thrilling, scary and best experience. I am a changed person because of this amazing trip.” – Sadie C.
“I could not have asked for better leaders. These three did so much for me and I cannot express my gratitude and appreciation enough!” – Claire N.
1. “My favorite part of the trip was rafting because I got to know people better and we worked as a team.” 2. My language skills improved a lot, and I learned that if I try to push myself, I can achieve great things.” – Simone S.
 “This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is well planned. Pura Vida! – Michael T.
“I realized that you can really be happy with a lot less.” – Hannah M.
 “Meeting new people because you never know what they have done and the stories they’ll share.”  – Paul L.
1. “Absolutely amazing! This trip has taught me so much and I loved absolutely everything about it.” 2. I learned a lot about the food and activities of Costa Rica. My Spanish was good before, but now it is REALLY good.” – Sophie R.
“I noticed the similarities between kids and people in general in general around the world. I think staying with a family really helped my conversational Spanish.” – Sarah H.
“I had a lot of fun while serving the community. Pura Vida! Pura Vida! Pura Vida!” – Charlie B.
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