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Family and Student Feedback, Summer 2013: Custom School Trip to Africa

Below please find feedback from participants as well as their parents from one of our custom school trips- this one was to Africa!
 “The community service projects come from the heart. As a group we don’t do service for the recognition, we do service for others.”
– Jacqueline W.
“[Through my travels I learned] that i’m becoming addicted to traveling. And I always want to spend at least some time each trip being a traveler vs. being a tourist.”
– Sara
 “Global Works trip to South Africa is hands-down the most personally impactful experience I have had both as an individual and with students. I have been changed due to this experience…..Knowing nothing about Africa, I have a deeper understanding of the people, culture and history of Zambia, Botswana, and South Africa. The Zambians are amazing people.
-School Trip Chaperone
“What a trip and Global Works has been phenomenal. I can’t see my daughter going on any trip other than a Global Works Community Service Trip. They are so good and we are so blessed. They know what to see and do and what the culture of the country is truly like….Thank you too for making traveling so easy for students!”
– Lynn, parent of participant
Group Cape of Good Hope Elephants Kids on basketball court