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Family and Student Feedback, Summer 2013: NEW ZEALAND & FIJI

We are sharing family and student comments- here is the latest one from our Summer 2013 New Zealand & Fiji program:
“[My Global Works experience was] a cultural excursion with worldly leaders, fascinating teens, and the opportunity to experience a world I didn’t know existed.” – Jennah J.
“This trip was the best month of my entire life! SO MUCH FUN!” – Megan
“I couldn’t possibly ask for more. I am a different person than when I came.” – Jennifer L.
“If you’re scared or nervous, do it. It was an incredible experience and a wild ride, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”  – Program Participant
“It was one of the greatest experiences of my life.”  – Program Participant
“New Zealand and Fiji surpassed every single on eof my expectations. It was amazing.” – Program Participant
“My global works experience was outstanding and it changed my life.” – Clayton
“I learned a lot about myself, was able to feel more confident in my own skin, and even learned how much I really enjoy serving the community.” – Hollis
“I made incredible friends in incredible places exploring new worlds and having adventures together. I had the best time of my life.” – Sara M.
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