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Family and Student Feedback, Summer 2014: Costa Rica Soccer

Here is more positive feedback from our Summer 2013 programs, specifially our Costa Rica Soccer trip!
“…I can’t thank you enough for the amazing time that Marcos had. I think he grew an inch and even packed on a few pounds!  He doesn’t even feel like playing video games after all that great activity and hard work – both of which make you feel good and healthy!  I’m afraid I’ll never be able to compete with Juanita’s fresh picked fruit aguas and homemade tortillas but I’m thrilled that those were among many highlights for Marcos!  His Spanish is really improved, too!
It was extra special to meet Crisley. Please thank him for his hospitality!
You all are awesome!  Thank you so much!
Standing ovation!!!”
– Mady, parent of Marcos G.