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From a Global Works Ambassador: Sunny Scott

This year, Global Works Ambassador Sunny Scott joined us once again to take part on the 2-week Costa Rica Language Immersion and Service Adventure.

Global Works Ambassador 2015 Costa Rica

Before the trip, Sunny wrote: “I expect to connect the Spanish that I have been studying, with the exposure of environments and a culture that I have never encountered; an excursion which will allow me grow into a more worldly individual. I was interested in the Global Works program because my Spanish teacher had traveled and worked through it in previous years, in fact, I am fortunate enough to have her as a group leader on this trip! I know little about Costa Rica besides the beauty of the biodiversity that resides there. I strongly anticipate experiencing this natural richness as well as touring the Microbeneficio (coffee production plant), as I am a coffee critic and enthusiast who is fascinated in coffee cooperatives. I am most anxious about taking so much time off from training in swimming and running; the only thing I cannot travel without is my running shoes. Although, I know that these two weeks will be more than well spent.”

2015 Community Service Trip: Ambassador Costa Rica

This trip was definitely action packed with 2 service projects and 25 hours of community service total! One of Sunny’s other goals of this trip was to “improve [her] comprehensive and conversational Spanish skills.” Within her homestay, Sunny was able to put her Spanish to the test and get some intensive practice nightly with the local family.

However, on the whole, Sunny stated that “the best part of this trip [was] creating bonds with people that I have never met by working as a team in the service projects. I [was] excited to interact with others and be encompassed in a realm that is foreign to me.”

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