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From a Global Works Ambassador: Yiselina Lavine

Global Works Ambassador: Panama 2015

This year, one of our Global Works Ambassadors, Yiselina Lavine, returned to travel with us on the 3-Week Panama: Changemakers in Paradise Language Immersion and Service Adventure. Yiselina has a unique story as she spent the first years of her life in Panama. On her trip, Yiselina was able to visit the orphanage from which she was adopted and reunite with her family for the first time. Upon returning from her time spent with Global Works in Panama Yiselina said:

Global Works Ambassador: Panama 2015

“Global Works offered me the experience of a life time.

My trip to Panama was my second Global Works trip (last year was Costa Rica) and once again I met great kids, did meaningful community service, improved my lost Spanish and had many adventures and lots of fun. The trip to Panama this summer was my first time back since I was adopted from there 10 years ago at the age of six. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go especially since our first community service stop was at the orphanage from where I had been adopted. Everything could not have gone better. The Global Works leaders made sure I was able to reconnect with the people I had known and who had cared for me. After the trip they helped me get to the family who had visited me for years when I was an orphan and planned to stay with for an additional week. With all the experiences, activities and learning opportunities the program and guides provided I was really able to get in touch with my Panamanian roots. Global Works helped me find a part of myself that had been missing.
Thanks Global Works for helping me discover yet another important piece of the puzzle that is me.”

Global Works is overjoyed to have been a part of this experience for Yiselina and we are proud to call her one of our ambassadors!