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Global Works and Circle of Writers Alumna Maggie Moran’s Donations Reach Nicaragua

Remember our story in March about Global Works and Circle of Writers alumna Maggie Moran and her Nicaragua project? Read the letter below to find out what happened when the goods she collected reached Nicaragua…

Santa Rosa de los Parrales, Maggie Morran

Dear Maggie and the UPS team:

It was a long process, for all of us, but at last the packages had arrived to their destination: the community of Santa Rosa de Los Parrales, which support the Madroños Nature Reserve.

The children at the community were so surprised and happy to receive the packages, many of them actually cried… For them it was a double happiness:

First: to receive all this stuff that they can never afford to buy. Second, and not less important: the fact that you, Maggie, still remember them and think about them from the US, it was such a beautiful thing for them to know it. They send you many hugs.

Santa Rosa de Los Parrales, Nicaragua, Maggie MorranThank you so much for all your efforts- Maggie- for your amazing initiative, and the UPS team- for your help and support in facilitating the complicated process at the customs.

We delivered them so far only half of the packages, the other half we will bring them at Christmas (they don’t know about it, it will be a surprise).

Best regards for all,

Karin (responsible over the environmental education in SONATI) & Nony (director).