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Global Works Director Helps with Youth Sailing Initiative

Global Works New Zealand and Fiji Country Director, Craig Fahey, has been up to some amazing stuff! After having worked in the Global Works Home Office for many years, he moved back to New Zealand, where he has been making a big impact. He home-office-staff-craigstill directs our amazing New Zealand & Fiji Programs throughout the year, but that’s certainly not all he does. Recently, he has taken on assisting with a youth sailing initiative that is making huge strides in his home country of New Zealand.

As the youth sailing Coordinator at the Wanaka Yacht Club, he has teamed up with Olympic Gold medalist, Sir Russell Coutts. Coutts and his youth sailing program are traveling across New Zealand and are bringing 10 O’Pen Bic boats to Wanaka. These types of boats are excellent for new sailors to learn on, and Lake Wanaka has prime conditions for sailing- quite the combination! Overall, they believe this initiative will greatly enhance  the interest that young people have in the sport of sailing.

Craig says of the initiative, “The Wanaka Yacht new-zealand-youth-sailingClub is committed to becoming a centre of excellence for youth sailing in the South Island and having Russell come to help us this weekend is a significant step in the right direction”. He is committed to continue working with Coutts and other renowned New Zealand sailors to spread his love of the sport to the young people of New Zealand.

To read more about this youth sailing initiative, go here:!