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GW Chaperone Spotlight- Jenny Wetzig

Meet Jenny Wetzig!  Jenny is a both a Global Works Trip Leader and talented Spanish Teacher at East High School in Denver, CO. She was recently received the “2016 Excellence in Teaching” from CCFLT, Colorado Congress of Foreign Language Teaching. Global Works is proud to feature Jenny in our GW Chaperone Spotlight this week.

How Many Global Works trips have you traveled on? 

More than I can count!

Where have you traveled with Global Works? 

Costa Rica, Panama, Spain

What is the favorite place you have visited on a GW program?

It’s hard to name just one favorite place! For homestay, I’d say the FES (Fundación Escuela de Solidaridad) in Granada, Spain because of the incredibly warm community and shared mission. And I can’t leave out Poco Sol in Costa Rica. I love the views and feel of the cloud forest! And how do you beat Kuna Yala in Panama!?

What can you not live with out on a trip?

A headlamp! And coffee. Mucho café.11813353_1000133023645_3173229217238711858_n

What is your favorite GW memory?

Sitting in a circle on Nubesidub (a small island in the Kuna Yala community of Panama) with the moonlight and water surrounding us. The students led a great discussion and it was awesome to see them come together as group.

What do you do when you are not traveling with Global Works?

I am a Spanish teacher at Denver East High School. Go Angels!

What is your secret talent?

Handstands are my favorite!

Where do you want to travel to next?

New Zealand and Colombia