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Join a Circle of Writers Course!

Why not make your Global Works experience the topic of your college admissions essay or writing sample?

Today, college application essays have become the most influential component of the application process. Circle of Writers, founded by long time Global Works Trip Leader, Mary Cinadr, offers participants an enhanced travel experience. Global Workers engage in guided and fun travel writing activities online. These participants sharpen crucial writing skills, reflect on their trip, and receive support with their college application essay, writing sample or keepsake. Workshops that meet your school’s flex credit requirements are also available. Choose one of four sessions and register by June 10th to save 10%.

In Travel Writing 101 students will receive the following pre-departure materials:

  • Suggested Reading List and Guide: Get your gears turning about place-based writing with accomplished authors and a targeted reading guide
  • Pre Departure Journal Prompts: Divided into three phases, before, during, and after your trip; these prompts will get the ink flowing and help you record the strong, yet often fleeting impressions that make travel a life-changing adventure
  • The Journal as Sidekick: Handy tips on how to make journaling a hassle-free habit on any adventure, near or far

Once Global Workers return home with the brief notes they gathered in the field, they begin the workshop. They write a few hours a week, whenever their schedule allows. At the end of the 6-week, online workshop, each participant will have a polished and publishable piece.


Hear what some recent Circle of Writers Alumni have to say about Global Works Travel  Writing 101:

After returning home from my Global Works trip, I had millions of thoughts and ideas jumbled in my head. Every day of the trip was a life-changing experience in a culture so different from my own. It was overwhelming to sort through all of my thoughts. Writing has always been an outlet for me, and the travel-writing workshop through Circle Of Writers gave me direction. Circle of Writers provided assignments and prompts which enabled me to organize my thoughts, reflect on my experiences and learn even more from my trip. I was encouraged to write every day and to use the details from my trip journal in my writing, which showed me that I had a lot to say! I enjoyed the collaboration from the instructor and other students- it was interesting to get their feedback and hear about what they learned from their Global Works trips! Circle of Writers also taught me that the details and anecdotes from my experience are much stronger than overgeneralizations. My work from the workshop was stronger and used more imagery than any piece I had done in school. I was able to use these lessons in writing essays for my college applications and was more confident and proud of my finished piece. The Circle of Writers workshop enriched my Global Works experience and fueled my passions to continue traveling and writing.

-Maggie Moran, Global Works Nicaragua 2011

The Travel Writing workshop deepened my Global Works experience by giving me a structured yet fun and laid-back strategy for understand all the things I had seen and done during my Global Works trip to Nicaragua. This workshop, at is most basic level, is a forum for teenagers of all backgrounds to express their feelings without the fear of being judged. In my experience, I was writing about heavy issues such as poverty and emotional depression in times of difficulty. So, it was important that I could feel safe expressing my true opinions while getting positive feedback on my work. As well as positive reinforcement and feedback, this workshop taught me techniques for analyzing my own writing and the writings of others and being able to enjoy and engage in even the most overtly boring pieces of writing. Therefore, when I was assigned the 614 page Iliad over the summer I was able to develop a genuine interest in the text and its fundamental ideas using the techniques I had learned during the workshop.

-Jake Kent, Global Works Nicaragua 2011

“The Circle of Writers Travel Writing 101 truly changed my entire Global Works experience. Writing about my travels made me view them in an entirely different light. My trip with Global Works was really life changing and Travel Writing 101 helped me realize and deepen my understanding. The workshop also helped me build confidence with my writing and made me more willing and comfortable to have others read my thoughts. As I begin the college process I will definitely be taking what I learn and applying it to my college essays and applications. I’ve already been using the tactics I learned constantly applying them to my academic writing. This class not only helped me with travel writing, but also with every other type of writing I’ve ever used.”

-Brittany Schreiber, Global Works Spain 2011