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Seven Hills School Costa Rica 2018

February 10, 2018

The plane flight was a really nice flight from San Fransisco to Houston. When we arrived at Houstan me and a group of friends went to a really nice meal and had a great time bonding. When we boarded the flight my friends and I were in close proximity so I could talk to them while still making new friends. When we arrived at the Costa Rican airport it seemed the same until I walked outside and saw and felt the different eco-system. We boarded the bus and drove to our first hotel where we got call our parents and have a good night’s rest for our next adventure.


February 11, 2018

Today, we did many water related activities. We hiked to a waterfall, where we swam and saw many fish. Then, we hiked back to the bus, ate lunch, and drove to the town. We went shopping and bought ice cream, then we headed to the water park. It was naturally heated by the hot spring of Volcan Arenal. We enjoyed going on many slides and swam in the pools. Finally, we headed to dinner and then back to the hotel.

-Aubrey & Lia

February 12, 2018

Today was a special day. We got to go to the Arenal Observatory. There we had one hike through the forest. On the way our group got to see varieties of amazing animals. We saw beautiful birds, plants, and many pizote. After the hike we got to eat lunch at the observatory with an amazing view of the volcano. After we returned back to our hotel we decided to go out to swim in the pool before going to dinner. Everybody splashed around and had a great time. During dinner we discussed our great day with our friends and enjoyed the amazing meals. After that we said goodbye and went to bed.


February 13, 2018

When we first met our homestay families I was a little nervous, but also super excited. The bus ride was long, but I had a lot of fun playing games with my friends. My partners and I were really happy when we met our mama Tica. When we arrived to the house we immediately started playing with the little kids, they were so welcoming and warm. Talking to them was a little difficult sometimes, but it was a lot of fun to spend time with them. When the oldest daughter came home, she was also really nice to us and we talked a lot. Dinner was yummy and the parents were super kind. The papa Tico was nice when he greeted us and the mama Tica was so loving. I had an amazing time meeting the family.


February 14, 2018

Day five was our second day in the homestay. I woke up to a cold windy morning where I ate breakfast and headed off to school with my siblings. At school, we met with an administrator from the cloud forest school and talked about our day. We went to music and physical education with the kinder students, ate lunch with the sixth graders, and spent the rest of the day at school doing service projects. After school, I went back to our homestay and played with my little siblings for almost 2 hours straight! After, my partners and I talked with the sibling who is my age and her cousin like we were their best friends. We ate pizza for dinner and got ready for bed. The whole trip so far has been amazing and I can’t wait to do more fun activities.

-Olivia H.