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Chloe Dodge

Where did you grow up?
Lake Tahoe, NV

Where do you call home now?
Steamboat Springs, CO

Year started at Global Works?

What’s something you can’t live without while you are traveling?
A watch!

Tell us about a favorite memory from a trip you have taken
Backpacking in Patagonia with some of my best friends — so many things went wrong, but we improvised and now have too many things to laugh about in hindsight.

Where is your favorite place you have traveled to?
Croatia — the history combined with geography is amazing!

Fun fact, special talent, or favorite memory
I love eggs. I hate olives.

What do you like to do in your free time?
Trail run, backcountry ski, practice yoga, PLAY OUTSIDE

What languages do you speak?
English, Spanish

If you had to give one piece of advice or words of encouragement to someone on their first travel experience, what would it be?
Don’t worry about being THE MOST prepared — part of travel is learning how to adapt. It is in the moments of discomfort when you learn the most about yourself, the people around you, and the places you are in. Roll with the punches!

Tell us why you are excited for this year’s trip!
I am excited to be apart of the international GW community with a new group of campers — I love watching the local communities embrace our students and visa versa.