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What Is Custom Group Travel & Why You’ll Love It!

Have you ever wanted to lead an international group adventure, but didn’t know where to start?

Global Works collaborates with you to create a program in accordance with your trip goals, curriculum, dates of travel, group size, and budget. Far from a simple travel tour, Custom Group Travel brings your ideas to life through hands on, real world activities and interactions. We have programs perfect for high school and middle school students, college students, corporations and organizations, churches and synagogues, as well as aspiring educators.

Whether your passion is service learning, language immersion, science, history, art, or adventure, let Global Works be your guide.

Jen Murphy from Moorestown Friends School has partnered with us twice now. We asked her honest opinion about the program and her experience with us. Jen had this to say:

“Many companies make claims about cultural immersion and global learning, but based on my experience planning a trip to France with Global Works, this company truly understands the meaning of these buzzwords. I am an educator passionate about traveling with purpose. I spend a great deal of time working with my colleagues to incorporate the trips we plan and take into our curriculum throughout the year. I feel strongly about ensuring our trip itineraries expand upon the cultural understanding students already have about the cultural products, practices, and perspectives of the places they will visit.  There are a plethora of companies that propose to take students to all corners of the world, but few of them allow enough flexibility for teachers to truly customize their itinerary around their curriculum.

“Customization for my France trip took the form of a visit to the high school where I spent a year working as a young novice teacher.  Now, as a more seasoned teacher, my French 3 and 4 students conduct  a pen pal correspondence with their peers from this school outside of Paris.  It is important for me to maintain this bond with my colleagues at Lycee Rabelais, because this is where I first fell in love with French language and culture.  Because Global Works allows for an itinerary that combines this personal experience with the main sights of Paris, I am now able to share this connection with my students.  The day of our itinerary when this connection is shared is so special to me and my students! I have conducted the same GW trip with two separate groups, and can’t imagine running it with any other company.

Jen isn’t the only educator to partner with us on multiple Custom Group Travel trips. We have more testimonials here! Check out all the cool places and things we’re doing – we’re sure you’ll love it!