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Details and Itinerary



Welcome to Cambodia! We begin our trip in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. Here, we are welcomed by the friendly ground staff, who will transfer us to the Cardamom hotel. We need lots of rest for a full first day tomorrow!

DAYS 2-4: Phnom Penh

Our morning starts at the National Museum of Cambodia, where we experience the Khmer civilization. Our next visit consists of learning about Cambodia’s dark, but important, past.  We take an excursion to Choeng Ek, also known as the “killing fields.” Then, we go on a bike tour to the Mekong Islands. The ride consists of quiet back roads full of curious locals who might greet us with a “hello!”

DAYS 5-9: Home Stays in Sambor Preikuk

Today we prepare ourselves for a complete Cambodian immersion. First, we visit three main temple complexes and enjoy the beautiful ruins.  Then, we participate in a language exchange with children and villagers to not only teach some English, but to also learn some of the Cambodian language ourselves. Later, we put our new Cambodian language skills to the test when we meet our host families. The next couple of days require lots of energy because we jump right into our community service construction project. We become part of the Cambodian culture by engaging in a community effort of building a house for a family. Once we finish the project, we partake in a house warming ceremony, which includes monks chanting!

DAYS 10-12: Siem Reap

This next part of our trip begins at the South Gate of Angkor Thom. We visit Angkor Wat, one of mankind’s greatest achievements. We get to view the skills of the Khmer builders from the 12th century. Then, we visit the local market with a Cambodian chef to learn how to make a khmer style lunch. Later, we board a local-style boat to explore Tonle Sap Lake, a nearby flooded forest. Lastly, we explore the remote Cambodian countryside. Here we get the chance to do a “show and tell” about our lives back home to local school children.

DAYS 13: Siem Reap Departure

Sadly, it’s our last day in Cambodia! The day is spent reflecting on our time here, relaxing at the hotel, and reminiscing about this great experience!