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Days 1,2: Arrival & Orientation

Discover this warm and friendly city of “firsts” and “oldests”- Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic capital city. A walking tour of the Colonial Zone that includes visits to the oldest functioning cathedral and the oldest military structure in the new world.  Tour the 16th century home of Christopher Columbus’s son, Diego. Christopher Columbus landed on Hispaniola in 1492. Pay attention, because the tour will be followed by a good-natured competition that teaches Dominican history and culture in a fun and exciting way by way of a team challenge/race. Experience Dominican night lift at a colmados or combined corner store/discoteca.  Learn to dance the Merengue and the Bachata. Shop along the busy pedestrian street of Calle El Conde where you will find the Larimer Museum/Shop.  Larimer is a rare blue volcanic stone found only in the D.R. Also unique to the D.R. and rich in historical significance are “faceless” dolls and Taino statues.  “Faceless” in order to represent every individual ethnicity: indigenous, immigrants from other countries and Dominicans all over the world.

Days 3,4: Santo Domingo Community Service

Just outside of the capital city of Santo Domingo, is a community center that serves marginalized families of mostly Haitian descent.  In this community, water, plumbing, electricity and other services are unavailable or too costly. Many residents in this community have limited access to healthcare and education. Historically the D.R. laws allowed birthright citizenship. In 2013 there was a court ruling that stripped 200,000 Haitians of their Dominican citizenship. They are unable to get the documentation required to prove any nationality, so they remain stateless. There are many ways to get involved at this truly grassroots community center. They have a community garden, adult baking lessons, musical gatherings and home building/improvement projects. Connect with the kids of this vibrant and friendly community: Complete art projects at the community center school. Engage with the kids through basketball, baseball and other games.

Days 5,6: Cabarete Service Projects & Cultural Exchange

Homebase is a retreat that sits high on a hill near the northern coast of D.R. There you will enjoy breathtaking views and fabulous food. The retreat owners are active, supportive members of this rural community.  They run a kindergarten and offer support and activities to many members of their community, especially the youth. Global Works will work with trained, certified local guides to match your group with community projects. We will incorporate your goals and skills to create responsible community engagement and an unforgettable community connection. There is Imminent Need in the Cabarete area; In November of 2016, two weeks of continuous rain caused major flooding in this north coast area.  20,000 people were displaced and are currently working to rebuild their homes and communities. Be a part of this rebuilding effort.  Pouring concrete floors, clearing debris, rebuilding home. Other group projects will range from physical labor such as painting homes, remodeling schools and classrooms, building walls, playgrounds, sport areas and creating educational materials to organized sports and activities with children.

Days 7-9: The Samana Peninsula Conservation

Enjoy this dramatically beautiful peninsula on the northeast part of the island. Explore the preserved natural wonders- Samana Bay is a breeding place of the humpback whale from mid January to mid March. Witness some of the world’s richest marine biodiversity in the same place as some of the world’s poorest people. Enjoy an ecotour and observe marine life, birds, and turtles. discover one of the many hidden beaches reachable only by foot or by sea and visit the Los Haitises National Park- a UNESCO Biosphere reserve.

Day 10: Departure

It’s time to pack our bags and return to the airport for our flight home. It may be the end of a trip, but it’s the beginning of a new awareness about ourselves and the rich Dominican culture.