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Details & Itinerary


Days 1-4: Rabat Arrival & Orientation

Upon arrival in Morocco, our Global Works Trip Leader greets us in the Casablanca airport and then we transfer by private bus to the capital city of Rabat. Here, we settle into our hotel in the Ville Nouvelle to begin our journey. Over the next few days, we dive right in to our cultural orientation and exploration activities. We take a survival Arabic class and meet with Moroccan students for an informal conversation about about Morocco today. We explore Rabat’s Kasbah (old fort), the Mausoleum of King Mohammed V, and the Roman ruins of Chellah. We also volunteer at a youth association that focuses on education for impoverished shanty town youth. We volunteer alongside members of the association and Moroccan students to help with community education projects.

Day 5: Fez History & Culture

The next stage of our journey takes us to Fez, known for the winding streets of its old city. After a 3 hour drive, we settle into our hotel and then get out to explore. We take a guided tour of the Fez medina (old city), a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Our walk includes a visit to a tannery to witness the famous local leather dying technique. During our stay in Fez, we experience both how beautiful the city is and discuss how tourism has affected the city. We meet with a former Peace Corps volunteer to learn about the needs of Fez today.

Days 6-8: Azrou Cultural Exchange & Community Service Projects

The next few days feature exchange activities and community service projects in Azrou, about 1 hour outside of Fez. We visit a local women’s cooperative and learn about the association of carpet weavers, who demonstrate for us some of their techniques. We also take a short hike to a small, rural community to explore the picturesque town and visit their weaving co-ops and eco-tourism initiatives. These visits spark important discussions about Amzigh traditions of the Middle Atlas Mountains, and other Moroccan Berber communities and cultures.

There’s also time to see the wild apes and the endangered ancient cedar trees on a hike in the nearby National Park. Here, we picnic with nomads and shepherds around a mountain lake to learn more about them and their experiences.  In the evenings, we stay as a group in a local guesthouse.

Day 9-10: Casablanca & Departure

Saying goodbye to the Atlas Mountains, we return to Casablanca to prepare for our return home. If time permits, we visit Hassan II Mosque before our final celebratory dinner. With our bags packed, the next morning we wake up and head to the airport for our flight home. It is the end of the trip but the beginning of a new awareness of ourselves and a new culture.