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Details & Itinerary


Session 1: Introduction & the French Quarter

Delve into the rich cultural history and architecture of one of most vibrant and lively cities in the world! During this session, you will attend a virtual walking tour across the city’s oldest and most famous neighborhoods. Discover hidden gems tucked around each corner. This tour will include cultural lessons relating to everything from the history of slavery, the development of jazz music, and New Orleans’s francophone roots.

Session 2: The Whitney Plantation

As one of the oldest plantations in Louisiana, the Whitney Plantation is the only one with an exclusive focus on the lives of enslaved people. This virtual tour will provide a deep history into those enslaved people’s lives, while take you into their original cabins and honoring them at memorials. This is a poignant and impactful way to learn about this terrible piece of American history.

Session 3: Mardi Gras Indians (Backstreet Museum)

Discover the history of Mardi Gras Indians and the overlap in cross-cultural development between slavery and Native Americans. Learn from a community member directly involved in the continuing practice of this deep rooted New Orleans tradition. See the elaborate hand-sewn costumes and hear the stories of the local people involved in the Mardi Gras Indian culture.

Session 4: New Orleans Cuisine & Cooking Class

Time to start cooking! New Orleans food has some of the most delicious and unique flavors and recipes in the world. This is our opportunity to get a taste of cooking it for ourselves! Follow the video class from your own kitchen and learn how to make delicious fares like Jambalaya, Shrimp Etouffee, and bread pudding.