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Brookwood School 2022 Costa Rica

June 16, 2022

We had an amazing first day of our trip in Costa Rica. We were awakened by the patter of the rain and the thriving animals around our cabins. We each got ready in our beautiful cabins and made our way down to the delicious meal which consisted of fresh fruit and pancakes. A short time after that we walked the trail to our vans which took us to a local farm called Crisley’s Farm in the town of La Fortuna. At the farm we were able to learn about the history of farming in Costa Rica and experienced making mozzarella cheese first hand. We tasted fresh tropical fruit and we met the animals living at the farm. We also met a girl who lived on the farm named Naomi. We ate lunch at the farm where we enjoyed the cheese from the farm as well as beans and rice and chicken.

Then we took the vans to the zipline in the town of Arenal in the Arenal National Park. We saw an active volcano. On the zipline we were able to see the incredible scenery of Costa Rica. The highest zipline was 600 feet above the ground. Then we headed back to the vans and traveled to the grocery store where we practiced buying objects in Spanish. We bought local Costa Rican snacks. We went swimming in the pool where we experienced the warm and cold water. We ate a beautifully made dinner that consisted of strawberry and banana juice, beans, rice, and fish. Then we created a group contract to help us follow the rules. As we went to sleep we became excited about traveling to the school community tomorrow.

Written by Kolby B, Charlotte W, Shannon C.

June 17, 2022

Our second day in Costa Rica was just as wonderful as the first. A few awakened before sunrise to truly take in the nature around us. We gathered many fruits for a freshly made drink later. We took a bus to a school called La Lucha and got to know some local kids. First, we made a path out of gravel and cleaned and painted a wall. We then helped teach an English class to 6th and 3rd graders.

After our hot day of work we returned to our cabins and were welcomed by the pouring tropical thunderstorm. After the heavy storm passed, we played many games in the pool. Later that lovely evening, we were enthusiastic to have a dance class led by Randall that showed us another side of the beautiful culture. Next, we had an amazing dinner of pasta and chicken and bread with the mango and papaya that we picked earlier. Our day ended with hanging out with friends and enjoying the Costa Rican weather.

Written by Henry B, Jonas A, Maeve F

June 18, 2022

We woke to warm tropical weather. We had a lovely breakfast of beans, rice, and plantains.  We then got in a bus to drive to a local waterfall in La Fortuna. On the way we talked amongst ourselves while enjoying the beautiful views. When we arrived, we hiked down stairs in the jungle. We got more and more excited as we heard the waterfall crashing. When we got there we dove into the clear water where we played and climbed amongst the rocks. The experience was paradise and enjoyed the dream-like views. After the grueling hike back we were rewarded with refreshing smoothies in a myriad of flavors.

We then hopped back into the buses and drove into the town of La Fortuna. There we spent time shopping, talking to people, and practicing our Spanish. Afterwards we were treated with a wonderful lunch from a local pizza restaurant. After our hunger was finally satiated we drove to a wildlife sanctuary named ASIS. When we arrived we were greeted by a very friendly guide named Carlos. He brought us through the sanctuary where we saw many animals such as macaws, monkeys, and toucans as well as witnessing a wild sloth among the treetops. Carlos taught us about the dangers of keeping wild animals as pets. It opened our eyes to the hardships faced by animals. After our tour we were treated with freshly baked cookies as well as lemonade. As we rode back to the hotels we saw a big tropical thunderstorm. We ran through the rain and while we waited for the storm to end we connected with our classmates. After relaxing and swimming in the pool we headed up to dinner. There we had chicken fingers, salad and a tropical drink. Truly a wonderful day as well as a spectacular sendoff to our next adventure at the beach.

Written by Tessa G, Maizey W, William S (love you mom and dad!!)

June 19, 2022

We first woke up all packed for the long bus ride ahead. Then we had breakfast which was a wonderful meal of pancakes and fresh cut mango. After that we all piled into two buses and got on the road. The drive was five hours long but we kept ourselves entertained with cards, books, friendship bracelets, and conversation. We stopped for lunch around twelve thirty-ish and we had a buffet of many different Costa Rican foods. Then we went souvenir shopping outside of the restaurant where we ate. Soon enough we were on the road again heading to the coastal town of Uvita. We then had two hours of driving until we finally arrived. Once we got there, we settled in and then took a walk to the beach. The waves were big and it had begun to pour. After our walk we swam in the pool and had dinner which was burgers and fries. Then we had cake and ice cream because it is Mr. Wilferts birthday! We had a great day and we would like to wish all the fathers a happy fathers day!

Written by Sam A, Skylar D, Anna L.

June 20, 2022

Part 1:

Today we got to sleep in late. We started the day with delicious breakfast that contained pancakes and fruit ! Then it was onto the road for us! We ventured on to the beach ready to absolutely shred the gnarly waves! It was some peoples first time surfing and everyone did so good! We took a break from surfing mid way and got some bananas and oranges. We also got some refreshing water. Then it was back out on the waves for 1 more hour. People learned how to balance when others learned how to turn and ride the wave down the line. After we took some pictures and then got free time to swim. Then we headed back to the hotel and swam in the pool and took showers. It was at that moment that we learned that some people have shrimp in their hair. We washed it out though! (Mostly) than we got some yummy lunch of veggies and chicken and rice and beans. It was a great morning in Uvita!
By Sophia H., Blaire F.,  Victoria S.,  and Kayuri P.

Part 2:
This afternoon we took a walk to Uvita beach and too a stream at the end of the beach. We then walked in a path through the woods to look for monkeys. The beach was very breezy and the sand felt nice under our feet. During the walk in the woods, we saw lots of little ants carrying food in a line. After we got back to the beach some people went to the supermarket, some swam, and some did arts and crafts. After swimming we had dinner which was spaghetti and meat sauce and salad. We finished the day with some chill time and some laundry.

By Addie W., Casey C, and Emerson M.