Why Global Works?


Meaningful service is at the core of all Global Works programs. We believe wholeheartedly in working WITH communities, rather than for communities. That’s why our relationships and community partnerships are first and foremost across the world. Working alongside local community members, students will experience grassroots, meaningful service. We have in depth conversations with participants about what it means to have sustainable community development. Students leave Global works programs with a broader sense of their impact on both their local and world community. We foster a deeper sense of what it means to truly be a global citizen!


Who is Global Works? Passionate people drive the Global Works experience.  Our directors and staff share a love for travel and their excitement is infectious! With so many returning staff (80% each year), we feel our staff leadership is one of our greatest strengths. Global Works hires skilled, knowledgeable, fun-loving people who organize and lead trips according to high standards of quality, safety and, of course, fun. They are leaders chosen for: experience working with students, flexibility, organization, language skills, a sense of humor, and responsibility. The majority of our staff also works as professional educators and the average age of our staff is 28.

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We really mean it when we say ‘Travel with Purpose’. At Global Works, we aim to do more than just visit a different country, we immerse ourselves. This means making deep and long lasting connections with communities across the globe. We work with local contacts for lodging, restaurants, and activities, and have fostered those relationships for many years. Through a Global Works program, we impart an understanding of the value of getting to know local communities, speaking the local language, and traveling in a way that makes us better global citizens. You can read more about what traveling with purpose means to us here.


With over 30 years of experience in the field, Global Works is committed to the health and safety of each and every participant. Our highly qualified leaders are thoroughly trained every year and have Wilderness First Aid certifications. Trip leaders are proactive about checking in with each participant and always keep a pulse on the overall group culture. We consider risk management through every step of a Global Works program – before, during, and after. To read more, click here.


Global Works is committed to being a business that affects positive change in the world. In 2017, we officially became a Certified B Corporation! We are committed to high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. This way of running our business transcends how we interact in our office, out in the field, and with our participants and their families