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Cathedral School Puerto Rico

April 15, 2018

Today we went as a group on an amazing tour of Old San Juan. We learned about the history of the city and why so many countries wanted it. We visited the oldest fort built there, the second oldest church in the western hemisphere and learned that the names San Juan and Puerto Rico were originally switched. After the tour we went to the Cerro Gordo beach which was very warm. Then we played football in the backyard of the big yellow house and ate dinner. We reflected on our day in our groups and went to bed.

– By Dash D., Zach J., Timmy U., Jack R.. Darnell A.
April 16, 2018
Today we went to Villa del Río to work on some homes. We began by mixing cement and then pouring it into the foundation. We used buckets and the formula was 8 buckets of rocks, 8 of sand, 4 of water and two bags of concrete mix. We then ate lunch which was wonderfully prepared by Victor’s wife, Rosa. We then worked on Victor’s house by pouring cement from a real cement mixer. We used a hose. We also worked on rebar by making columns. This involved attaching metal with wires. Besides the heat, it was a great time!
-Wesley B., Brayden M., Daly T., Lucas O.