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Meet our 2019 Ambassadors: Anna on Costa Rica Language & Leadership

Anna Goyette is currently a sophomore in a small high school in New Hampshire. A highest honor roll student,​ ​and Girl Scout for eight years now, she has learned the importance of helping her community and the​ ​challenges and rewards of being a leader. When she was younger, she never thought of herself as a natural​ ​leader. However, after attending a summer camp Anna loved for five years thanks to her wonderful​ ​grandmother, she was able to recognize her passion for staying active, and being a leader in her community.​ ​She completed her Bronze Award in Girl Scouts,​ ​where she organized a local fundraiser for a nearby animal shelter. Now, she is working on her Gold Award. She hopes to replace her school’s​ ​styrofoam plates with​ ​reusable ones, cutting down of the harmful waster her school produces. Although this will be exceptionally​ ​difficult due to​ ​budgeting issues, she hopes her foundation of motivation, hard work, creativity and passion for protecting the environment will help her along the​ ​way to a more eco-friendly school.

Entering high school in 2017, Anna joined her high school’s branch of Interact, an international community service group that focuses on​ ​impacting their local communities through service projects, and creating and​ ​organizing fundraisers to help local and international areas that need support. She loves surrounding herself​ ​with motivated and civic-minded people that share the same passion for helping people in need. As a result of​ ​this, she helped create, organize and execute Interact’s first fundraiser, Puerto Rico Rises. Bouncing back from​ ​a huge setback, Interact had only four committed people at the time. Thanks to Anna’s friends in Puerto Rico​ ​(who were thankfully all safe), the group was able to see and hear first-hand the damage and devastation​ ​hurricane Maria had caused. This helped inspire the group to work hard and overcome the challenges of​ ​limited resources to pull off a fairly successful fundraiser. As a small group, exposure for Puerto Rico Rises​ ​was difficult, and some people weren’t even aware of the damage and devastation the people of Puerto Rico​ ​were facing. Anna and the rest of Interact went from class to class, spreading the word about Puerto Rico​ ​Rises and the t-shirts they were selling to raise money for the cause. The hard work from the group paid off,​ ​creating a fairly successful fundraiser. They raised several thousand dollars to be donated to the Puerto Rico​ ​Rotary branch, who​ ​bought food and water filters to distribute among the people. Interact taught Anna how to​ ​be a leader within a group, and a community. It taught​ ​her that not everything turns out perfectly the first time​ ​around, and that perseverance is one of the most important qualities of being a leader.

Entering her sophomore year of high school, Anna was elected Vice President of Interact. She was elated to​ ​find that her leadership skills could be honed in a place and group she loved to be a part of. This leadership​ ​spread to other places in her high school community, where she was JV captain of her soccer team, as well as​ ​JV captain of her mock trial team. Although all leadership roles, each activity has something different to offer.​ ​Soccer taught Anna how to stay positive and supportive of both herself and her teammates while being​ ​competitive. Mock trial taught her how to challenge others to be the best they can be and how to be a patient,​ ​but effective leader. All activities come with challenges and setbacks, and she learned that there is never an​ ​easy route to take, especially as a leader. She learned how motivation, persistence and staying positive can​ ​make herself a better leader, and that mistakes aren’t the end of the world. With so much to learn about how to​ ​be the best leader she can​ ​be, Anna is beyond grateful for all the leadership opportunities she has had and will​ ​continue to have in her high school career, and well into the future.

Exercising and staying active is an important part of everyday life for Anna. She believes that she has learned​ ​just as much from trying new sports and learning new skills as she has in the classroom. Because of this, she​ ​is avid soccer player, as well as a nordic cross-country skier and​ ​tennis player. She earned a varsity letter from​ ​nordic and tennis her freshman year, and hopes to continue these sports through her senior year. Both tennis​ ​and nordic especially taught her that success isn’t always immediate, and how to bounce back even better​ ​after a loss or a fall. Nordic taught her the importance of patience when trying to improve, and tennis taught her​ ​how to stay positive when she was losing a match, or wasn’t doing well. Sports and exercise has not only​ ​acted as an outlet for her, but has taught Anna how to be a good person to herself and others. Team sports​ ​taught her how to collaborate with others, but more individual sports like nordic, taught her how to place faith​ ​and confidence within herself.

Although she enjoys all her activities, being involved can be busy, and sometimes stressful. Anna likes to relax​ ​by playing piano, and reading about her main interests and career paths she could pursue in the future. Her​ ​main interests include public health (something like doctors without borders), and forensic sciences. She loves​ ​the idea of using science and research to help keep the public safe and healthy. Living in a small, rural town,​ ​Anna wants to travel and explore different areas, cultures, lifestyles and adventures around the world. She​ ​loves meeting new people and making friends, and trying new activities that will enrich her view of the world​ ​around her. Being a Global Works Ambassador will not only allow her to participate on the trip of a lifetime, it​ ​will allow her to gain new experiences that will improve her leadership skills. Always wanting to improve on​ ​her skills as an athlete, student, or leader, and being naturally inquisitive, Anna loves new ideas and​ ​opportunities that allow her to learn new skills, or practice existing ones in an engaging environment. She​ ​hopes to participate on either Costa Rica: Intro to Pre-Med and Public Health or Costa Rica:​ ​Language and Leadership and help the communities there while having fun and gaining new experiences. It​ ​is an honor for Anna to be a Global Works Ambassador, and she brings her enthusiasm, natural​ ​curiosity, sense of adventure, and fun sense of humor to this incredible opportunity!