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Meet our 2016 Ambassador: Sophie Davison

Sophie Davison, a 15 year-old Southern-California girl, is anticipating her exciting adventure this summer when she will journey throughout Spain with Global Works. Sophie enjoys many activities including surfing, singing, dancing, skiing, and playing soccer. She won an award for having more than 75 hours of community service, and she also won “Team MVP” last year while playing on the freshman/sophomore soccer team. Sophie DavisonShe is also focused on academics, winning an award for withholding a 4.0 throughout all of middle school. She continues with the same effort in high school to complete her Freshman-year with all A’s. Next year at Santa Monica High School, Sophie will be participating in Spanish 3, so it is important for her to learn more about the country and language within the Spanish culture. Friends and family are extremely important to her as well, so she hopes to meet more people on her trip! She can’t wait!