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Ross Spanish Costa Rica 2023

February 19, 2023

We started the day having gallo pinto for breakfast and we learned the phrase “Pura Vida.” And then we went on a bus ride along the countryside to La Fortuna and went shopping for an hour. And then we went zip lining in the jungle. And then we came to the hotel and rested for an hour. Then we had dancing lessons with Gabby. We ended the night with delicious dinner at the lodge and then go to bed to enjoy some sleep after a first couple of fun and loong days!

By Everett and Sam

February 20, 2023

Beginning with Asis Project, an animal rescue center in La Fortuna, we learned about spider monkeys, white faced capuchin, macaws, peccaries, and toucans. The majority of the animals  had been rescued from private homes and car accidents. The goal of the center is to return the animals to the wild, but some were beyond help and had to live the remainder of their life in captivity at the animal rescue. After learning about the array of animals, we were individually tasked with creating food for the different animals based in needs. In order to prevent alphas from eating the majority of the food, we were assigned toys in order to ensure the food was evenly spread throughout the animals.

Next, we went to Escuela La Lucha, a school with grades kindergarten through sixth, where we met the students and refurbished the desks, chairs, and benches by sanding and varnishing them. We played soccer with the students. Learning from their culture, we were able to understand their different way of living and how it impacted them as people. The kids were incredibly warm and welcoming towards us and assisted us whenever necessary. Hopefully, we are able to visit more with the kids tomorrow and continuously improve our Spanish. We are thankful for the opportunity that global works has given us.

Pura Vida,

Ava K. and Fletcher M.

February 21, 2023

We started off the day strong by visiting the school La Lucha. When we got to the school we finished the desks and painted a classroom for the students. After we finished the work we communicated with the students by playing soccer and red light, green light. After we were done with our activities, we exchanged names and phone numbers. Before we left, we had a quick break in the lunchroom,  and made tortillas which we ate and made into delicious quesadillas.

The most meaningful part of the day to us was saying goodbye to the kids and exchanging  hugs with them. We hope that they have happy memories with us because we think fondly of them. Thank you Global Works for this experience. It was super special to us.

Violet and Arthur

February 22, 2023

This morning, after breakfast, we piled onto the bus and were off to the beach. We were in the car for three hours, and stopped to get lunch and shop at El Jardin where we got to choose from rice, fish, beef, beans, mashed potatoes and more. Some people bought fruit smoothies and souvenirs for the road. After a few more hours in the bus, we finally saw the Pacific Ocean. We also saw a fire along the side of the road while we were driving. We arrived at our hotel at around 4:30 and started to unpack and get comfortable. Some of us went into the pool for a swim and went to dinner afterwards. Some things we had were burgers, curry, pork, and pasta.Once we were over with the long drive, we really enjoyed relaxing in our new rooms. It was pretty hot, and going in the pool felt refreshing. We are sure the long drive will be worth it once we start our surf lessons tomorrow. Thank you Global Works for giving us another fun day.

Pura Vida!


Ava G. and Will

February 23, 2023

This morning we woke up and got ready for the beach, got breakfast then walked down to the beach. After meeting the surf instructors, we got a lesson on the sand then we got into the water. We then strapped the surfboard leashes around our ankles and headed for the waves. Everyone stood up at some point, some earlier than others. The waves easy for beginners where it was shallow, but harder as you got out. The beach was empty and was very low tide. The sand was a muddy brown and it was smooth for miles. The water was extremely warm and very salty.

Later in the afternoon we got lunch and some people went back to the beach while some stayed at the pool and some stayed in their rooms. For dinner we walked to a restaurant where we had lots of mexican food and drinks. We are grateful to global works for this opportunity of service and fun. We will always remember the sand between our toes and riding on the waves. Pura vida!

-Stella T. & Griffin K.

February 24, 2023

Today we changed our plans and instead of staying at the beach we went in the bus and made a few pit stops on the way to the hotel. During our trip, we started our fun by stopping at a local waterfall, where several were brave and jumped off a few spots. Later on we went to El Jardin for lunch. Finally, we made it to the hotel, freshened up,  jumped into the pool over looking the amazing view and said our goodbyes to Nohelia and Alejandro.

Thank you to Global Works for teaching us about the Costa Rican culture, and directing us around the country!


-Lila N & Peter C