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Anya Opshinsky

Anya is a teacher, theater artist and world traveler. Through being a camp counselor all through her teens and early twenties, Anya fell in love with student mentorship in extra-curricular activities and adventures. She has worked to create original theater pieces with high school students with Communities in Schools in Michigan and lead weekend team building excursions with American Children’s Theater in Paris. Anya has been living in France for the last three years, at first as a student and now as a teacher and performer in Paris. In her spare time, Anya loves staying active through yoga, rock climbing and swimming. She is constantly trying to avoid the cold with trips across the globe. She was most recently in Australia for a month developing an original theater piece with a colleague there. Anya struggled with language learning herself throughout elementary and high school and it wasn’t until being immersed in it that French really started to click. She can’t wait to encourage students to push themselves and realize how much French they can understand when it’s all around them.