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The Real Deal About Group Travel

Travelling with a group of total strangers doesn’t have to be scary. Here’s some tips to making it an amazing experience!

A dozen people standing side by side with their backs towards the camera facing a mountain range with a sunny sky above


Remember that you’re all in the same boat. Chances are you may not know anyone else on the trip, but that’s the beauty of the situation – you now have the perfect opportunity to make friends with folks who are going through the same wave of culture shock, confusion, and excitement.


You’ll conquer mountains together. Exploring new cultures can be as demanding as it is thrilling. With a group, it’s easier to crush challenges and motivate each other to triumph through the tough moments.


Learn from each other. Maybe someone else on the trip is a hula hoop champ and can teach the group a thing or two. Or maybe you have a yoga instructor in the group who leads a sunset session every evening. With an open mind the things you can learn from others is limitless.


Bask in the sun with new friends. Every moment is full of possibility – it would be a huge mistake to waste it glued to your phone. Don’t miss opportunities to appreciate the little things with your newly acquired comrades. Ideally while soaking in some sun!


Take a moment for yourself, by yourself. Especially for introverts, alone time is necessary to be your best while with the group. It’s important to listen to your needs and take some much needed me-time to recharge your battery. 


Discover new heights with new friends. Explore the city and culture you’re in. Do the touristy things, but also connect with locals. Eat the street food, climb the mountains, and learn the language (at least know how to ask where the bathroom is – trust us, it’s an important one to know). Optimize the experience to its full potential so you’ll have some cool stories to tell when you get back home.


Chill out! You may not mesh with every person on the trip but instead of focusing on the negative, try finding common ground. If it’s still a no-go, keep in mind that you’ll only be with them for a limited time. So enjoy the experience and use it as a valuable lesson in how to work with different personalty types.


Teamwork makes the dream work. Cliche, but true. If there’s a service component to your trip (there always is with Global Works!) then more hands on deck means more can be achieved. Partnering with local communities is definitely our kind of #SquadGoals


You may not become best friends with everyone… but at least you’ll have some good memories… and at the end of the day, that’s what you’ll carry with you for years to come.