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Teen Summer Study Abroad

The Benefits of Studying Abroad

teen summer study abroad - fijiWhen my husband and I travel abroad, we don’t just visit palaces and parliaments and meet with heads of state. We also come to schools like this one to meet with students like you, because we believe that relationships between nations aren’t just about relationships between governments or leaders — they’re about relationships between people, particularly young people.  So we view study abroad programs not just as an educational opportunity for students, but also as a vital part of America’s foreign policy.Michelle Obama, Peking University, March 2014

At Global Works, we design our teen summer study abroad programs to be a fulfilling and meaningful student experience. We know that these are the experiences that shape a student’s goals and interests for years to come. Like Michelle Obama, educators and parents are taking note; middle school, high school and college summer study abroad programs are becoming increasingly popular. As Michelle Obama says, it’s not enough to visit the highlights. The deeper, more meaningful travel experiences and learning moments come when you build personal connections. These community connections are the heart of Global Works programs.


Getting the Most out of Your Teen Summer Study Abroad Experience

teen summer study abroad france-alpsStudying abroad isn’t just a fun way to spend a semester; it is quickly becoming the key to success in our global economy.  –Michelle Obama, Peking University, March 2014

So, you had an amazing student travel experience. But now what? Global Works offers two optional program add-ons to continue drawing on the benefits of your summer study abroad program well beyond your return home. The following two programs help you reflect back on your experiences and enhance your learning so that you can get the most out of your travels.

Circle of Writers: This optional add-on course will teach you writing techniques and help develop your travel writing skills.  In the end, you’ll come away with a polished piece about your travel experience. What better way to focus your ideas for that college admission essay? Read more about the course and how to enroll on our website at Circle of Writers.

College Credit: Global Works partners with the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs to bring you “Introduction to Global Studies,” a 3-credit college credit course designed to pair with your Global Works program. This optional add-on course will guide your learning through select readings and reflection essays. Learn more about the college class and find application instructions at our College Credit page. (Not all travelers are eligible, some restrictions apply.)

International summer travel programs for teens are a great introduction to world travel. However, plan ahead and the benefits of teen summer study abroad programs can last well beyond the length of the trip. Where will your travels take you next?