Students plant trees in Monteverde Cloudforest


The need for conservation, habitat restoration, and wildlife protection is greater than ever

Nepal Elephant projectThere are intense pressures on the natural environment and wildlife through human population growth, global climate change, and rapid development. There is real urgency to protect and maintain the earth’s remaining natural ecosystems and biodiversity.  According to the journal of Conservation Biology current extinction rates are “current extinction rates are 1,000 times higher than natural background rates of extinction and future rates are likely to be 10,000 times higher”.  Meanwhile our rainforests, estimated to contain over 50% of the world’s species, continue to be threatened.  Approximately 80,000 acres of rainforest are disappearing per day

Get involved and make a difference


There are a few ways you get get involved in your community and beyond to make a difference.  Start with your local community and home life.  Simple steps like reducing your electricity consumption, recycling at home and/or at school, and considering a sustainable diet can all help the environment. There are some great resources at the Rainforest Action Network and the Word Wildlife Fund that can help with information and ideas to stay involved.

Travel with Global Works on a teen wildlife and conservation program

Global Works offers programs specifically focused on both wildlife protection and rehabilitation and rainforest preservation.  For high school students, we recommend checking out our summer service adventures in Costa Rica- Sea Turtle Adventure, Galapagos- Marine Service and Adventure, New Zealand and Fiji- Marine Service and Adventure trips. If you are a high school teacher, administrator, or professor looking to take a group of students on a program, you should check out our Custom Group Travel itineraries focused on Conservation and Ecology.