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Seven Hills School Costa Rica 2017

June 14, 2017

Today was our first day in Costa Rica. We mostly traveled by airplane all day, but we ended up in Costa Verde Inn by the end of the day. In between flights, we got lunch with our groups. My group went to Ruby’s diner. During the flight, I slept, watched TV, and talked with my friends. When we arrived, we met up with Randall and got all of our bags onto the bus. We drove around the city to find our way to where we were staying, Costa Verde Inn. My group found our room and we settled in for the night. We watched TV before we went to bed. Finally, sleep was able to find me. I can’t wait for Day 2.

– Davis

June 15, 2017

Today, me despierto a las cinco y media, entonces me levanto y me ducharse. La ducha was very warm. Eventually, me visto and I went to the pool to eat breakfast. Breakfast was muy delicioso. Entonces, we packed up and loaded la buseta with our driver, Chicho. We first went to La Finca where we learned about corn hashing, sugar canes, coffee making, animals, and compost. I’m writing this at night and I still smell like molasses, and it’s disgusting! Then, we packed and began to drive to Arenal. After four hours, we made it. We also stopped for ice cream on the way. Eventually, we had a nice and muy delicioso cena. We went back to our room (or our house) and got ready for everything. The word of the day is pura vida, which means literally, everything is good.

– Sana

Today was our first fun day in Costa Rica. I have already felt so close and connected to the Costa Rican culture. The first thing we did, was we went to an organic farm. This was so cool and such an interesting experience. We learned about how different fruits and vegetable were grown. We also go tot try some of the things. We husked our own corn and ended up eating the fresh corn later on. We took a tour of the farm. We also learned about how their composting worked. They re-used everything. We really got our hands dirty and it was fun. Then, we got to see lots of different animals. After the tour, we had a fresh lunch made with all the stuff from the farm. After lunch, we got to hand press sugar cane and drink it. We then learned about the whole coffee process. We ground coffee and got to even try some. Then, we had a long four hour bus ride with pretty views. We had one quick stop for ice cream and then we were on our way. We arrived to our beautiful hotel aka house and spend the night hanging out together.

– Kate

June 16, 2017

Today was totally chill, relaxing, and fun! First, we woke up, had some coffee, enjoyed the view, and then went to breakfast at the hotel. Then, we got on the bus and swam at the river by the waterfall. It was so much fun to swim and play on the rocks and try to catch fish with Olivia and Jack’s hats. Then, we ate lunch near the waterfall. We dried off and went to La Fortuna to go shopping. After, we went to Baldi Hot Springs for swimming and fun. The water was actually REALLY hot!! We went on crazy waterslides too! The twisty one was insane! Then, we had dinner there. After, we went back to the villa. That was my great day!

– Grace

June 23, 2017

In the time since the updaten, the group has enjoyed a breathtaking experience at Arenal Volcano, homestays and service projects in the town of Monteverde, and adventures at the beach.  We hope you enjoy the photos!