Aveson Charter School: Costa Rica, May 4-May 13, 2022

Greetings! Along with your advisor, Mr. Hyatt, we are excited about traveling with you on your upcoming service adventure.

As always, if you have any questions, you can call/text us at 303-545-2202 or email info@globalworkstravel.com

To learn more about your school’s program, read below:

Download Itinerary

Costa Rica Pack and Prep Guide

Student and Parent Handbook

Payment Plan Schedule:

Deposit + Application: Oct 15.  $495.00
Tuition payment #1: Nov 15.  $498.75 + $80 = $578.75 ($498.75) + Program Cancellation and Interruption Plan ($80)
Tuition payment #2: Dec 15.  $498.75
Tuition payment #3: Jan 15.  $498.75
Tuition payment #4: Feb 15.  $498.75

Families will pay individually through Global Works. You will be automatically enrolled in the payment plan after you submit your application. We will charge the credit card on file based on the schedule above. Tuition price may go down if certain enrollment numbers are reached.

Enrollment Instructions:

1) Go to our APPLICATION or click ‘Enroll’ in the upper right corner anywhere on our website. A parent or guardian should begin the student application by setting up an account with an email and password.

2) Follow the prompts; choose the year 2022, then the school name and destination country can be selected from a drop down menu.

3) When prompted about deposit, pay your deposit by credit card.

4) Proceed to the end to sign off on the Enrollment Agreement

Enroll Here