Covid-19 FAQs

FAQs about Summer Service Adventure Programs & COVID-19

Is Global Works requiring vaccines for COVID-19?

Global Works encourages the Covid-19 vaccine, but does not require it for participation in our programs.

How is Global Works currently handling COVID-19?

We have developed protocols and best practices related to COVID-19 alongside some of our industry peers and leaders. As a community of staff, participants, and partners, we will work together to promote responsible travel and positive outcomes for our community. We continue to monitor various resources such as the World Health Organization, CDC, and our local contacts around the world.

What policies has Global Works adopted?

Below are a few of our protocols and expectations participants should anticipate.  We are in close communication with our friends and partners around the world to collaborate and emphasize our shared priority in everyone’s well being. 

  • A COVID-19 vaccine is be encouraged prior to program for all participants.
  • Masks may be required and social distancing emphasized with any activities in public and with any partners.
  • Temperature checks and tracking are possibilities on your program.
  • Testing may occur while on the program and there is a possibility of isolation and or quarantine.
Could my trip be canceled?

We are optimistic that all of our destinations will be available for travel.  Travel continues to normalize around the world and most entry requirements continue to be relaxed.  If your trip is canceled due to COVID-19, you may switch to another program, or all tuition (less deposit) is fully refundable.  Deposits will be granted as fully transferable credits to a future trip.

Does Global Works Require a Negative Test Prior to Departure?

Global Works does not require asymptomatic testing prior to departure. Global Works asks that any symptomatic travelers do test themselves prior to departure.  A positive test result within 5 days of departure would prohibit a traveler from attending the program.

What are the entry requirements for my destination?

Most destinations are reducing or eliminating a negative test result to enter.  In some cases, proof of vaccination may be necessary to enter and additional insurance coverages may be required by the host country . Given the unprecedented nature of travel, these requirements are continually shifting. It is each participant’s responsibility to be up to date and in compliance with your destination entry requirements.

What happens if I test positive within 5 days of my program starting?

If you test positive for COVID-19 right before departing for your trip, you would not be able to leave with the group. Since this would be considered cancellation for a medical reason, it would fall under our Program Interruption and Cancellation Plan (PIP). If you purchased PIP, you would be entitled to a tuition refund less the deposit if this situation occurred.

What if I or someone in my group gets COVID-19 on the trip?

If an individual tests positive for COVID-19 on the trip, we will be subject to the health requirements of the destination we are in.  Generally speaking, this means a quarantine for a pre determined period of time until a negative test result clears you to return to the group or travel home.  Typically, this means staying in a hotel room.  Global Works would provide support in this process.  It may be necessary for a parent or guardian to travel to the destination to provide support during this period of time.  Symptomatic group members would also be tested.