About Global Works

Our Roots

Global Works was founded in 1989 by Pam and James “Biff” Houldin. After dedicating more than two decades to enriching the lives of young adults through teaching, providing therapeutic horseback riding programs and running Stone Mountain Adventures, a summer camp at their family farm in Central Pennsylvania, the Houldins dreamed of something more. Pam and Biff envisioned an international program that combined community service and adventure travel as a way to give back. Biff chose Puerto Rico as the destination for the first service program. In an unfortunate coincidence, Hurricane Hugo devastated much of Puerto Rico that September. Amidst the devastation, Biff realized that meaningful service and cultural exchange might be achieved through the reconstruction of homes after this terrible storm. In the summer of 1990, 25 students and 5 staff embarked for Puerto Rico under the name Caribbean Adventures. After two successful summers in Puerto Rico, Biff expanded to British Columbia in 1992, changing the name of his brainchild to Global Works. Since then, Global Works’ steady expansion to other destinations around the globe has included: Russia (1993-95), the Czech Republic (1996-98), Fiji (1994-present), Costa Rica (1994-present), Ecuador (1994-present), Ireland (1995-2008), France (1995-present), Spain (2001-present), New Zealand (2001-present), Mexico (2002- 2010), Peru (2002-present), Baja (2003-2007), Four Corners (2003-2008), Australia (2008-present), Panama (2007- present), Argentina (2007-present), China (2009-present), Nicaragua (2009-present), South Africa (2012-present), and Nepal (2013-present).

Polly and Fritz Moriarty came on board with Global Works as trip leaders, and later as directors of Sol Tours, the school group division that has grown into Custom Group Travel. Our home office now has two divisions, Summer Service Adventures and Custom Group Travel, “SSA” and “CGT” in Global Works lingo! In the Fall of 2007, after seventeen wonderful years of calling Central Pennsylvania our home, Global Works headed west to the Rocky Mountains! What was once a small office at the Houldin family farm has grown into a close-knit staff based in the Rocky Mountain State!

Awards and Certifications

We are proud to be named one of Outside Magazines Best Places to Work. We placed #22 in 2013 and #14 in 2014! In 2017, we officially became a Certified B Corporation!