Universal Learning Goals

Universal Learning Goals (aka “ULGs”) are threads that run through all Global Works programs. They embody Global Works’ aspirations for holistic programming. These goals are non-hierarchical and are rooted in the Global Works mission, vision, and inclusion statement, staff input, and developmental needs of teenagers in today’s world. Before and during programs, Directors and Trip Leaders intentionally map out these goals across the various stages of their program to instill this ideology in all of their participants.


Students will discover their North Star- a set of interests and values that inform and give meaning to next steps in a student’s work, study, and life paths. Students will develop their own sense of purposeful, responsible, and authentic experience.



Students will cultivate curiosity and a sense of wonder about the natural and human worlds that will inspire them to continue to seek knowledge and understanding through experience. Global Works programs are a gateway.



Resilience and Confidence

Through the right balance of challenge and support, students will develop confidence and resilience to persevere in the face of challenges.




Students will understand the power they possess to provide an example for others, to lead, to make space for others to lead, and to follow; and to make a difference in their communities.



Global Mindedness

  • Students will gain a broader perspective, unlearn habits of hierarchical thinking when they encounter cultural differences, and understand that though others see problems differently, they can also be right.



Emotional Awareness and Self-Regulation

Students will develop greater self-awareness, understand what shapes their expectations, and learn to manage their own emotions. They will learn to prevent emotion from creating unnecessary conflict.



Self-Reliance and Accountability

Students will develop skills to solve their own problems constructively, communicate what they need, and take accountability for what they can control.




Sustainability/Citizenship/Conservation Ethic

Students will recognize their contributions to a sustainable future, their obligation to live in right relationship with the planet, and the complex change required to balance the needs of diverse stakeholders.



Living in Community

Students will wholeheartedly commit to the Global Works ethic of inclusion, value compromise, practice constructive communication, learn firsthand what it takes to keep a community healthy and strong, and take steps to repair relationships when necessary.