India Custom Group Travel Programs

Public Health in the Himalayas

Welcome to India! Fly into India’s capital city of Delhi before hopping onto a local flight headed for the mountainous Dehradun.  You are about to experience a side of India otherwise restricted to devout yogis and experienced trekkers.  You will learn about the immense cultural diversity within India from a Himalayan setting, and delve deep into public health issues affecting North Indian mountain villages.  You will experience jaw-dropping mountain-scapes, traverse through the Himalayan countryside and gain a sense of what life is like on the roof of the world.  Cap your trip off with a visit to one of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal!   

Days 1 and 2: India Arrival and Travel to Uttarakhand

Your group will fly into New Delhi, where you will be met by the smiling faces of your Global Works India team.  From there, you will hop onto a local flight taking you to Dehradun where you will get a chance to rest up before making the drive to your destination, Uttarkashi.  Once in Uttarkashi, head up to your gorgeous and comfortable campsite, Kuflon Basics, for an in-depth orientation and incredible home cooked meal!

Days 3-6: Public Health in the Himalayas

Now it is time to begin your in-depth look at public health in a high elevation village.   You will meet with locals discussing issues like access to healthcare and infrastructural improvement.  Over the next four days you will be jumping on various projects including (but not limited to); health surveys, construction projects focused on improvement of health & safety or assisting local NGO staff members with ongoing projects.  The work you will do will not only benefit the people of your particular village, but serve as a groundwork for sustainable health improvement in the area.  In the evenings practice your camping skills, bone up on your Hindi, attend a relaxing yoga workshop, or simply take in the cool mountain air and stellar vistas!  

Days 7-9: Return to Delhi and the Taj Mahal

After wrapping up your work in the village and a possible last day hike up in the mountains, head back to Dehradun to fly back to Delhi.  From Delhi get ready to take a nice 3 hour drive to the Taj Mahal, where you will learn the incredible story of the Mughal Emperor who built the Taj Mahal for his favorite wife.   

Day 10: Return Home

Arrive back in Delhi for a final chance to grab last minute gifts/souvenirs and try your hand at some more local cuisine.  Leave India with a true sense of wonderment, empathy, and understanding of one the of the world’s most complex, diverse, and beautiful countries.


Empowering Through Art

Travel to Mumbai and experience the astounding diversity of culture, tradition, and history of India’s famous port city.  You will become immersed in one of the most unique and progressive NGO’s in Mumbai, empowering the youth and women of Dharavi, India’s largest slum.  Experience the bustling streets of Mumbai by honing your haggling skills, taking part in rich Indian culture through traditional dance & music, and witnessing the breathtaking intricacy of the ancient Ajanta & Ellora caves.  Of course, a trip to India would not be complete without partaking in the immense variety of the local cuisine, prepare your taste buds!

Days 1-2: India Travel and Orientation

The group flies into Mumbai where you will be met by your Global Works staff and India team.  Hop into your private bus and take in the sights, sounds (and smells!) as you drive to your Mumbai hotel, located in the historic Colaba district.  After settling in and a hearty meal, it’s time to rest up for your first full day in India.  The next day will consist of an in-depth country orientation and exploration of the surrounding area.  In the evening try your luck bargaining at a local market or sit back, relax and experience your fist Bollywood movie!

Days 3-6: Immersion in Art House, Dharavi

Time to head to Dharavi, where you will experience India’s largest slum with your own eyes and gain first hand knowledge of life in an urban slum.  Witness the vastness of Dharavi from a high rise, see the massive, ingenious recycling plant and navigate in small groups through the winding alleyways.  You will be visiting Art House Dharvai, an NGO that teaches creative expression through art to youth. You will meet the children and help them with assignments, learn from the Art House staff members, and even meet some of the woman Art House Dharavi empowers by teaching them storytelling through photography.  In the evenings you will continue our exploration of Mumbai by visiting bustling markets, trying out street food on famous Marine Drive, visiting the floating Haji Ali Dargah mosque, and much more!  

Days 7-8: Excursion to Ajanta and Ellora

After saying your goodbyes to everyone at Art House Dharavi, it’s time to make the drive out to UNESCO World Heritage site, the Ajanta & Ellora caves.  Truly one of India’s most breathtaking sites, this intricate cave system dates back to 2nd century BCE!  Spend the day exploring the Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain carvings that make up Ajanta & Ellora.  Stare into enormous sleeping Buddha statues and gaze up at hundreds of Hindu gods, craved into the stone thousands of years ago.

Days 9-10: Final Day in Mumbai and Return Home

Arrive back in Mumbai for a final chance to grab last minute gifts/souvenirs and try your hand at some more local cuisine.  If you like, culminate the trip with a final dinner at the iconic ‘Pizza by the Bay’ restaurant on Marine Drive.  Leave India with a true sense of wonderment, empathy, and understanding of one the of the world’s most complex, diverse, and beautiful countries.