STEM Travel Programs

Connecting STEM Education and Student TravelCosta Rica STEM Travel Programs for high school students and middle school students

Popularity is rising for education models that focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and STEAM (which includes Art) education. So why not take that STEM curriculum outside of the classroom? STEM travel programs are a great way to connect international student travel experiences with your school’s STEM education plans. Through hands-on projects and real-world experiences, middle school or high school students will gain tangible skills and a meaningful learning experience. Expand your lessons beyond the classroom and connect STEM education with the greater world!

What Does a STEM Travel Program Look Like?

On an international travel program, students are learning and using their new skills in hands-on projects. For example, participants may roll up their sleeves and dig into a water project for community homes in Nicaragua (engineering), or help with invasive species removal in Spain (science). They may also learn about micro-lending at a women’s co-op in Guatemala (math) or learn about marketing initiatives for a coffee farm in Costa Rica (technology). Finally, students will see how these important STEM topics connect to daily life for people around the globe. They gain first-hand real-world experience and increase their understanding of curriculum topics, all while becoming more globally aware.

Global Works STEM Travel Programsinvasive species removal in Valencia, Spain

Where will your STEM curriculum take you? We can incorporate STEM programming into most Global Works destinations! Please contact us at 303-545-2202 to discuss how we can include STEM/STEAM activities in your ideal destination. For example:

Costa Rica: Sea Turtle Conservation — volunteer at a sea turtle hatchery and participate in wildlife restoration projects

Costa Rica: Intro to Pre-Med & Public health — roll up your sleeves and help construct clean water diversion routes to bring safe drinking water to community families.

Puerto Rico: Community Service and Exchange — work along side locals to construct stable, long-term housing for families.

Spain: Environmental Conservation and Community Service  — construct adobe bricks in a sustainable living community, assist in wetland restoration efforts, and participate in invasive species removal projects.

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