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I can't thank you enough for the amazing experience Brooklyn Latin had…. I was blown away by the perfect planning of activities…We felt very lucky.  The students truly had a life-changing experience….The experience of the entire group was similar to the experiences I've had traveling that have led me to become an educator and a language and travel lover.  Our parents have also sent many thank you letters for such a smooth and inspiring trip….We look forward to starting to plan our trip for next year with Global Works….Thank you so much again for everything.

- Marian Pomann, Teacher and Trip Chaperone

The Global Works Trip felt like a journey; instead of following a schedule, we had the power to create our own experience.

Moorestown Friends School, Spain CGT Trip

Working with Global Works has allowed our school to truly live its global mission. Our students return from these extraordinary experiences with confidence, compassion and a new respect for the world they live in and the different cultures and people they learn about, and from, along the way. 

Gordon McNeil, Head of Sage Hill School

I met phenomenal people I wouldn’t have known otherwise and spent time in the world’s most beautiful country.

Kamla Kumar, Costa Rica Participant

Sign up immediately! Don’t hesitate if you have fear of the unknown, you are walking into a life changing experience.

Jenna, Costa Rica Participant

I learned that culture consists of beautiful people, art, tradition and nature. I’ve discovered that I can appreciate the smaller things in life and want to feel more part of the community.

Marco Spodek, Costa Rica Participant

Mind-blowing experience that opened my eyes to a whole new world!

Riley Brewer, Costa Rica Participant

I had the BEST time. The people and culture was amazing and I couldn’t imagine anything better!

Claire, Costa Rica Participant

It was a very influential experience. It made me become stronger, more determined and more adaptive.

Calvin Yin, Nicaragua Participant

It was amazing fun, a great learning experience of independence and culture.

Jenna Lin, Nicaragua Participant

Never have I gone on a trip so amazing, ate such great food, discovered more about myself and other people.

Susan Lin, Nicaragua Participant

I couldn’t have asked for better leaders for the adventure of a lifetime. They were by our sides through the good and the bad times. Before the trip, I was nervous to leave into the unknown and a foreign country. I was nervous about the kids I would be spending a month with. All three leaders made the transition very easy. From each counselor, I took in vast amounts of knowledge which will last me a lifetime. These three leaders made my trip as good as it was, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better or anything more.

Global Works Participant

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