Summer Service Program in Fiji

Experience Impactful Service and Adventure On This Immersive Service Trip For Teens!

Looking for an unforgettable high school summer travel program? Join our Fijian family! Experience Fijian life first hand and contribute to service projects that bring us to the heart of the local community. On this teen volunteer program, you will teach English and geography classes, take part in a Sevu Sevu Welcome Ceremony, and soak up the sunshine while snorkeling, trekking to hidden waterfalls, and spying on spinner dolphins. It’s the perfect Fiji summer service program!



Our beautiful beach eco-resort on Fiji’s Sunshine Coast serves as a wonderful base for orientation, getting to know one another, and introductory community service activities with a local school. We hit the local market to barter for our colorful sulus, or sarongs, the national dress of both men and women in Fiji. We cap orientation off with an epic zip-line experience in the Mountains of the Sleeping Giant!


We head off to the beautiful Yasawa Islands and stay with a local community. They greet us with a traditional Sevu Sevu ceremony as we get acquainted with the local culture, put on our sulus, and meet the friendliest people on the planet. Days are spent working alongside local community members on projects they deem needed. Past projects have included rebuilding homes after Cyclone Winston, teaching kindergarten, and painting the school. We eat traditional Fijian meals as a group and connect and play with local children. On Saturday, we have the opportunity to watch a Rugby match – the national sport of Fiji! Learning from this community allows us to connect deeply with the heart and beauty of what makes Fiji such a magical country.

Please see The Homestay Experience for more information on how we select our homestay communities and families!


Our time in Fiji would not be complete without some time by the beach! Our gorgeous lodging overlooking the ocean allows for a relaxing, interesting, and fun end of the trip. We see stunning sea creatures like never before during various snorkeling opportunities. We work alongside a local marine biology team to plant coral and encourage reef restoration projects. We also hike to a beautiful swimming hole and eat a traditional meal called Lovo, a banquet cooked using an underground earth oven. 


We wrap up our adventures with an awesome final dinner and reflection activity. The next day, we depart for home. Join us to explore this special culture, meet people who will always be in your heart, and discover what it means to have a truly profound travel experience!

When flights become available, please contact us for the latest airfare pricing or visit our Flight & Travel Arrangements page for more information about travel days.

Please note that this itinerary is subject to change.

Tech Free Programs:

Global Works does not allow phones/internet-capable devices on our summer programs. We believe this enhances group cohesion and allows students to be fully present to their experience.

Community Service Projects

Educational Volunteering

Teach English, Math, and Geography in a Fijian school

Building Projects

Restore a local school or work on constructing the community center

Community Development

Work with the women in the kitchen or help paint a newly constructed home

Adventure & Cultural Activities

Experience Fiji's community life

snorkel Fiji's brilliant blue coastal waters

Trek volcanic mountain trails

Zip-Line through the tropical rainforest




Located on the main island of Viti Levu, our beach side hotel is a perfect place for orientation and introductory activities. Lodging is hotel style with students sleeping in rooms in groups of 3-4. Hot water, pool, and access to the beach are included amenities.


Homestays are with local families in a small village, where every home is within a 5 minute walk. Students will stay 2-3 per home with a private room that is shared between the participants. Homes are humble and families are incredibly welcoming. Meals are prepared by locals and eaten together as a group in the local community center. Global Works has longstanding relationships with the communities where we stay and complete our service projects.


We stay in a local eco-hotel. Students will stay in rooms that house 2-6 participants. Meals and activities are provided at the lodge. We are walking distance from the beach and have the perfect set up for group activities and trip reflection.

Reviews & Testimonials

As we all lined up to leave our homestay in Nativi, men, women, and children surrounded us. I say to myself, ‘if they start singing, I will cry’. Sing they did, and cry I did. As we shook hands and gave thank yous and hugs, I was flooded with an inexplicable emotion. I must go back.

- Delaney B., Fiji Participant

Our daughter came home saying, “It is amazing how beautiful a smile can be!” Thank you for letting our daughter, Phoebe, accompany you on this trip to Fiji! She and her “Fijian Mom” have already corresponded!

- Kathy D. G., Parent of Fiji Participant