Enroll & Plan

Whether you are still deciding on your dream trip, ready to sign up, or wanting to make the most out of your Global Works experience, please find Global Works Enrollment and Planning information below!

Planning Your Trip

Talk to the Home Office!

If you have any questions about a specific trip or Global Works in general, give us a ring! Someone at the Home Office is more than happy to talk you through your questions or concerns. We can also send you photos and references. Our number is 303-545-2202 and our email is info@globalworkstravel.com

Payment Plans

The sooner you enroll the better if you want to start a Payment Plan! Global Works offers two interest-free payment plan options, upon request :

  • Three-Month Payment Plan: no agreement necessary, pay in three equal installments over three months, to be paid-off by trip date
  • Over Three Month Payment Plan: agreement required, does not need to be paid-off by trip date, automatic credit card payment required.

Please contact info@globalworkstravel.com if you would like to set up a payment plan for your trip. And don’t forget, deposits are fully refundable until March 1st for our Summer Service Adventures! After March 1st, deposits are fully refundable for one week following receipt of your application.

Save a Spot

Think you know where you want to go? Save a Spot on your top-choice trip for up to two weeks while you make your decision (timeline may vary depending on the season). No financial commitment required (yes, it’s free!); just send us the traveler’s name and an email address or a phone number and you are all set. You have time to talk to mom/dad/grandma without worrying that the trip will fill without you! Click here to access our Save a Spot form.

Financial Aid Opportunities

Need a little bit of help to make your trip happen? Global Works offers several financial aid opportunities and has many resources to help you make your dream trip a reality. Please visit the following pages for more information:

Ready to Enroll

Enroll Online

Complete an online application to secure your place on your program(s). The application includes an $700 deposit for our Summer Service Adventure programs ($400 deposit for our Custom Group Travel programs) and a $95 application fee. Deposits are payable by credit card or check. Once you are signed up, we will send you a Welcome Email with further information about the program and instructions about accessing your Login Page, forms and balance payments.

Remember, deposits are fully refundable until January 15th (Summer Service Adventures only)! After January 15th, deposits are fully refundable for one week following receipt of your application.


Some programs are already on a waitlist. If you want to enroll on a waitlisted program, fill out our application for that program. It will ask for your credit card at the end, but it will not charge you for a deposit unless a space opens up. You are not considered on the waitlist unless you complete an application. We will contact you as soon as possible if a spot opens up on that program!


Let us know how you plan to travel to your destination by completing a Travel Reservation Form after enrolling. You can choose a Global Works chaperoned Group Flight or book airfare on your own. Visit our Dates & Tuition page for group flight costs and departure airports. Full flight information is available on your Login Page, accessible after enrollment.

Make the Most out of your Experience

Circle of Writers

Participants can choose to register for Global Works Travel Writing 101 to hone their writing skills, have a more immersive experience, and create a college admissions essay or writing sample based on their experiences. Participants must register and pay for this course separately. There are not any restrictions regarding participant age or trip length. Learn more on our Circle of Writers page.