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Curator of the world’s oldest continuous civilization, China will have you bumping into history at every turn. But it’s not just a museum of imperial relics: the frisson of development that has left China’s coastline glittering with some of the world’s most up to the minute cities propels the land on with a forward thinking dynamism.

The sheer diversity of China’s terrain takes you from noisy cities fizzing with energy to isolated mountain-top Ming-Dynasty villages where you can hear a pin drop. But to truly enjoy it, Global Works has designed exceptional China community service trips and language learning programs that work closely with the local people and combine cultural exchange, impactful community service and adventure travel.

Eagerly assuming its place among the world’s top travel destinations, even more so since Beijing took centre stage at the 2008 Olympics, China volunteer trips are an epic travel adventure and a truly unique Global Works summer community service adventure.

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Go Beyond the Wall

Go “beyond the wall” on this language immersion trip through China’s lesser-known regions.

We escape the tourist track in order to delve deeper into Chinese society and learn about the many cultures that contribute to China as we know it today. Immersion in Mandarin, tours of Beijing's cultural...

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We want to thank everyone at GLOBAL WORKS for providing Hannah with such an incredible and enriching experience in Costa Rica this summer. The five hour drive home from the Newark airport passed very quickly as we listened to Hannah's interesting stories about her trip with a great group of new friends. Then we enjoyed viewing her 317 colorful photos and learning even more about Costa Rica and Hannah's new friends, the dedicated counselors and her host family. The homestay provided her with the unique opportunity of becoming part of a caring family and a working member of a small rural community, so we can understand why leaving Pueblo Neuvo was such an emotional parting. The selection of this community clearly was beneficial in enhancing Hannah's Spanish speaking skills. The well-planned activities and eco-adventures also provided exciting opportunities for Hannah to have fun with her friends while learning more about Costa Rica. It sounds as if their enthusiasm and genuine concern for others exemplified the ideals of Global Works. We're very impressed with Global Works' efforts to provide meaningful and memorable experiences to teenagers while serving communities throughout the world.


Dan and Debbey Grow, Parent of Costa Rica Participant

We love your programs- my daughter has been on two, and her younger sister will probably go next year. The leaders are superb, striking that delicate balance between being an authority figure and being a friend. My child has grown tremendously from your programs. We couldn't be happier, or recommend them more highly.

Nancy Caigan, Parent of Puerto Rico and Costa Rica Participant