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5 Reasons to say YES to a Homestay!

The thought of a homestay in a new culture where you may not speak the language can be scary. With every good challenge, comes an even greater outcome! Here are 5 reasons why you should say YES to a homestay.


  1.  Communication becomes a lot more creative

While the thought of a language barrier can cause anxiety, have no fear! Odds are, the family you are living with won’t speak much of your language either, leading to opportunities for other modes of communication.  Sharing music, movie nights and playing games allows you to connect on a deeper level with your homestay family while being innovative with your communication. It also leads to tons of laughter as both you and your family use charades to tell stories, ask, and answer questions.


      2. Improvement in your language level

Regardless of how many language classes you’ve taken, nothing beats a hands on experience. Exposure in an authentic context helps improve your skills. From hearing the accent, to learning new phrases, you will leave the homestay with more confidence and a larger vocabulary!


      3. Everyday you learn something new

As you taste new food, participate in local dances, and learn local slang, everyday will be a learning experience. When immersed in a culture or place that is different from your daily norm, simple everyday tasks will turn into lessons.


      4. An authentic way to get to know a culture

It is easy to travel on the surface. Living with a local family allows you to gain experiences that traveling as a tourist could never provide.  Discovering local spots, foods, and traditions from a native gives you insight that most travelers will never experience.


  5. A forever family

After living with a homestay family, you will have a new family in a different country forever! As impactful as the experience was for you, it was for them as well! A strong connection will be made and you will always have a place to call home in another part of the world. 




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