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Boston University Puerto Rico 2023

March 4, 2023

Today is our first day in San Juan, Puerto Rico. When I saw San Juan on the plane, I was impressed because it was really beautiful. I thought that Puerto Rico is just a small island, but it was larger than I expected. The first thing that I noticed here was that people are very kind and social. There were many other things that I liked, such as the road to the house, the weather, and the house. The road to the House was one of the most colored roads I have ever seen. Also, the house was cool, and there was a lot of entertainment, such as a billiard table and many board games. The weather was perfect for swimming, so we went to the beach. At night, one of the rooms was locked, and we did not have the key to it. We needed the owner of the house, the trip leader, and two more people to open it. This day is the beginning of a new adventure, and I hope the rest of the days here will be as good as or even better than today.

-Mohammed A.

March 5, 2023

First, I am so glad to be in Puerto Rico with the Global Works. Then, I we had breakfast at seven, and the food was delicious. We started our adventure at eight, we walked in Old San Juan for four hours, and most of the places were historical places. The first site was Paseo del Morro, it has an incredible story and view. Second, we saw the San Juan government castle it was amazing. Then, we visited Castillo San Felipe del Morro it was wonderful to visit, and I recommend it to people who want to get a new experience. After that, we went to a souvenir shop, and bought many things. Finally, I enjoyed the trip, and I would like to come back to visit Puerto Rico because it’s a beautiful place.

-Mohammed A.

March 6, 2023

Today we did a lot of exiting things and entertainment. In the beginning of the day, we ate the breakfast which was Egg and Salad at 9am to get energy. After we had our breakfast, we went to the House where we worked on it. At first, the people who work their welcomed us very kindly, and they introduced their self nicely. At the house we did a lot of things, we carried the woods, and we danced while we were working, and we saw the boys playing around. After a while, we went to have a lunch and we were at the house with another group, and we made some friends. In the afternoon, because we went back to our house in early time, we played with the another group. At night as usual, we ate dinner, and we went to the other group in order to say goodbye. In the end of the day, we learned who to dance salsa and that was amazing thing because we learned about some Puerto Rico traditions.

-Osama A.

March 7, 2023

On Tuesday morning, we helped the family build the roof of the Dining Room and then learned how to measure the space correctly. Then we came home at 3:30 p.m. and had free time when I went swimming. When dinner came, Meshari and I prepared the grilled food; we made burgers, chicken, and salmon. Everybody liked the food. That was great. After the food, I went to play football with the family kids, we stopped playing, and he heard the kid yelling: “agua” “agua” after what I followed, I knew he meant water, so I can say I learned a new Spanish word.

At the end of the beautiful day, we said goodbye to the family, and then they gave us bracelets with Puerto Rico’s flag on them. I will miss this family, too. I’m excited to see the Dining Room when they’re done building it.

March 8, 2023

The day that we visited the rainforest was very special for me. We started this day by having breakfast as we usually do. After having breakfast, we went to the rainforest. It took us about one hour and a half to get to this place. We enjoyed seeing the views and the trees on our way. The first thing we did was walking to the river which was inside the forest. We swum in this river and it was my first time swimming in a river. I enjoyed swimming in the river, and I would love to do it again. After we swum in the river, we went to have lunch in a restaurant that is at Kioskos de Luquillo.  After having lunch, we went to try the rowing boat. This was one of my best experiences in Puerto Rico. We also saw the Bioluminescence which was a very great scene to see. I enjoyed everything in this day. This day was my best day in Puerto Rico.

– Mohammed

March 9, 2023 
The trip to Puerto Rico was one of the most unforgettable trips in my life. Firstly, it connected how to get fun and work at the same time. Secondly, I learned a lot about Puerto Rico residents, and one of their traits is dancing at any time even it’s in the morning or evening. Thirdly, I visited many places, such as EL Yunque Rainforest, the river where I had kayaking at night, and old San Juan. Fourthly, the Global Workers were an amazing team, and they introduced us to everything about Puerto Rico. In addition, the Family that we worked with was welcoming to us and they let us work on their house. They gave us a bracelet as a gift, and I really will not forget their gift because it reminded me of the trip.