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Eugenie Reflects on her Spain Language & Leadership Trip

My Global Works trip was a life changing experience. I went on the Spain Language and Leadership trip. The three week trip was amazing. We formed friendships and learned how to better our global community. Our trip started in Madrid and ended in Barcelona.  In between, we visited medieval castles in Segovia and kayaked in Sebulcor. We worked on an organic farm in Ameyuelas and learned the importance of growing produce with no pesticides, better for the environment and us! We also learned how to make bread, a fun process with a delicious end result.

Next we went to the Valencia and learned about how rice patties had destroyed a natural biome of the wetlands. We saw first hand the pollution of the wetlands but did our share to clean up the trash in the water. It may not sound so, but we also had fun. We rewarded ourselves with a dip in the beautiful ocean, which was warm and the color of blue beach glass. The next day, we made traditional Valenciano paella and took a Flamenco dance class.

Our trip ended in the beautiful city of Barcelona.  We had the amazing opportunity to see a live Flamenco show, which was awesome, especially after having taken a class a few days earlier.  The next day we visited the Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s masterpiece, which has been under construction for 128 years, and is still not finished. It was stunning and the stained glass windows that reflected color into the cathedral itself were my favorite part.

Between discovering Spain and its incredible culture and food, practicing and improving my Spanish, and meeting new people and making incredible friends, this trip was an experience of a lifetime, one I will cherish and remember forever. I loved my counselors and thought they were great trip leaders, keeping us engaged, informed, immersed in Spanish language and always amused.  My group was fantastic and there were lots of hugs and tears at the airport. I can’t wait for my next Global Works trip!

By Eugenie Foss, Spain Language & Leadership 2018