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Harvey School Argentina 2017

June 13-14, 2017

Today we arrived in Buenos Aires, great first day!  We spent time getting to know one another as well as going over our group expectations.  After this business was out of the way, we familiarized ourselves with the neighborhood of San Telmo in the heart of Buenos Aires.  We ate lunch at the San Telmo market and dinner at Meracato Latino, a restaurant serving up a plethora of Latin American inspired dishes.  Both of these meals were excellent food experiences and all were satisfied.  Today we acquainted ourselves with our new surroundings.  We look forward to visiting the Museum of Modern Art (one of the two) and the Casa Rosada/Plaza de Mayo (the Presidential Plaza) tomorrow.  There is so much to explore in this city!

Hasta Luego!

June 15, 2017

Saludos desde Buenos Aires! We’ve spent our first two days getting to know the immediate surroundings of San Telmo (the oldest neighborhood in the city). We have been atop the Palacio Barolo (with wild views of the city — and Eva Perón in the background) and we’ve seen local art at the MAMBA (Museo de Arte Moderno Buenos Aires). There is so much culture to soak up in this city. Last night, we got to see the Philharmonic Orchestra perform at the famous Teatro Colon. That was an experience filled with vibrant sounds and sights. Today, we are off to see the upscale neighborhood of Recoleta, where we will pass through the famous cemetery and stroll the large avenues of embassies and museums of the city. We will return to San Telmo in the afternoon for empanadas (which are always too delicious to pass up) and a trip to the Museum of Ethnography to understand the incredible history of immigration to this port city (second only to Ellis Island in the Americas).


June 16, 2017

In the morning, we first visited the Recoleta Cemetery which contains the tombs of famous Argentinians such as Eva Perón. Then, we went out to a park nearby and enjoyed some much needed ice cream. Following the ice cream/ lunch break, we visited the MALBA Museum (Museum of Latin American Art) which showcased the artworks of the General Idea Collective, and included a magnificent painting by Frida Kahlo her self. After visiting the MALBA Museum we toured the Museum of Ethnology where we were enlightened by the evolution of the Argentinian people and Argentina’s indigenous people. Then we rested at the hostel and ate a very good dinner at El Banco Rojo (of Argentine style hamburgers).

Hasta luego!

June 18-19

Since many of us have never been to a soccer game this will be an experience that we will never forget! The crowd brought the whole experience to life with the chants and cultural music of the “hinchas” (hardcore fans). The players were amazing and the competition was very intense! Even though it was a very cold day (30s!) everyone’s energy around us kept us warmed up. We still cant believe we went to a soccer game and it will definitely be an experience we will not forget.
Today we went to a museum called the Centro Sonoro. It was so different from any museum I have ever been to. I loved seeing both Aaron and Rodger’s very different forms of art. Both their arts influenced what my book will be about (We are making books and prints as art projects for the next couple days)! We also got to interact with one of the shows at the museum that invites participants to play experimental instruments. It was also very cool to see how different objects could make an instrument and be used as band instruments, but my favorite part of the museum was the “anxiety” box it was very very cool to hear what different sounds were like inside a box (The “Anxiety box” is a piano that has a box connected to it, which people can lay down in and here the sounds of the piano in a very different way!).