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King School Costa Rica 2019

June 12, 2019
We woke up early and had a classic Costa Rican breakfast, including toast, rice and beans, eggs, and pineapple. We had a very scenic three hour car ride to the family based cheese company and farm. We were given a lesson on how the cheese is made as well as an amazing meal that they prepared for us. We toured the farm, trying the sugar cane and star fruit, followed by seeing all of the animals. We were separated into two groups of eight and helped to make the cheese. It was a wonderful cultural experience.
– Tess F.

We made cheese today. It was very fun and it tasted good. The cheese was made from the cow’s milk. We spilt into two groups to help roll the cheese. We learned about the different fruits they made there and tried some of them. We also saw all of the animals they had there. It was a very cool experience.
– Abby G.

June 13, 2019

Today, we started our morning with a nice breakfast of pancakes and bacon. Then, Randall briefed on our activities for the day. We packed our ´Chunches´ (things) and went on the buses to the ziplining park. Once there, 12 of us learned the ropes and started our ziplining excursion. Highlights included racing, zipping over the gorge, and the “Big Papi” zipline. Then we traveled to the town of La Fortuna for waterfalls and swimming. Then we enjoyed a nice lunch, planned by Randall (gracias!). After that, we headed into downtown for some souvenir and grocery shopping, then some coffee. We then traveled to the hotel on a very fun bus ride with Randall and Ms. O’Tool. Then Randall brought all us to the pool for a quick swim. Then we enjoyed a nice pasta dinner, followed by watching the NBA finals. Overall it was a great day with a lot of excitement!

— Rex M. and Kenny B.

June 14, 2019

We started the day at 7am and prepared for our first community service activity. When we arrived, we had split up into 2 separate groups at the small community, which Global Works had helped construct. The first group had assisted in the construction of a drainage pipe leading to the pond for excessive rain. Everyone was working in the burning sun to construct this. The second group had helped paint part of the community center. As I was not a part of this I don’t know many details of the project. At 12 we had eaten lunch, then getting back to work. I along with some others helped two locals put the pipes in their slots and fill up the hole. It had taken many hours, but the drain is now finished. It was a great experience to help them better their small community. We then returned to the hotel for a much needed swim in the pool. It was enjoyable to refresh in the cold or warm pool water. Later, we relaxed and enjoyed some delicious fish for dinner.
– Will

At 7am we took an hour-long drive to do some community service in Pueblo Nuevo. We painted boards and dug holes to put pipes into. After doing about 2 hours of service people from the town generously cooked us lunch. We had rice, lettuce and chips. We also had some sort of fruit juice that was freshly squeezed. After lunch we worked for about another hour. We rested and some people played soccer with kids from the school and others talked with some of the kids. During our trip to Pueblo Nuevo I also got to pet a lot of dogs! After we came back and swam in the pool. It was very refreshing after being in the hot Costa Rica sun for many hours. Then we came back to our rooms and finished the day off with some dinner from the hotel.
– Sofia

June 15, 2019

Today we went to the local community, Pueblo Nuevo, where the group provided support in local projects. First, we dug up dirt and helped form the water drainage system outside of the community center. We also painted parts of the community center. After these activities, we ate a delicious lunch, which was a fish and chips meal. Then we had a wonderful cooking class, in which the entire group hand-made their own tortillas! After the eventful day, we all relaxed by the pool, and took an energetic dance class led by our group leader, Randall. Today was a great cultural experience, through helping out the community and also learning Costa Rican-inspired dance moves.
— Moira and Emma